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If you need to improve your website, design your SEO first.

Developing or changing your website can be a major act in professional life. And for that, you have to be good at SEO. It’s like buying a house: do I buy it empty or already equipped with home automation? But you can’t put home automation in half, you have to do it completely, and install:

  • home automation box
  • smart thermostat
  • connected lighting
  • electrical connected sockets
  • automatic shutters
  • connected smoke detector
  • energy consumption sensor
  • motion detector
  • weather station
  • vacuum cleaner
  • refrigerators
  • washing machines

The same goes for a new website. We do this work regularly at archiplain.

Photo by luisosorio from freeimages

For your professional or personal site, you have to do it the same way.

You have to design your SEO compatible website.

This site should include features that will allow you to attract qualified traffic related to the products you offer.

SEO is therefore an essential tool in your desire to increase the web traffic that goes to your website.

Why use SEO for this?

In reality, all businesses use web marketers to improve the visibility of their web pages.

What are the reasons ?

For two main reasons. First, the vast majority of Internet users, over 90%, begin their investigations with a search on a search engine. And a sizeable majority trust a natural result more than an advertisement.

It is therefore necessary to be present on the search engines. Without them, we do not exist on the web.

What are the relevant search engines?

The idea is not to waste time in this natural referencing. From the moment Google is the most used search engine in the world. There is no need to spend time being listed on other search engines like Bing or Qwant. It is therefore a priority to be present on Google’s search pages.

How does SEO work?

First you have to understand how the Google search engine works. This is powerful software that navigates the web from clickable link to clickable link. Once inside a page, he puts it in some sort of library. When a user does a search on Google, the software does not search the results on the web. It does it in this library.

There are therefore two important things for SEO:

  • Pages of the website must be visited by this Google software
  • Ranking in the library must be done with a highest ranking possible
photo by luisosorio from freeimages

Indexing and SEO are therefore also important for your website. It means that there must be clickable links that point to the pages of your site. In addition, the content of your pages must be sufficiently interesting. Consequently you have a high ranking, with elements like a blog or relevant keywords.

SEO strategy

When designing your website, you need to think about implementing an SEO strategy.
Some things to think about regarding your desire to position your site in the first pages of Google:
Is your product local or national, even international? It changes everything. Indeed, what is the use of being listed in New York if your product is only available in San Francisco?
Is your SEO qualified? Indeed, it is not the same thing if only one person buys your product out of 1000 people who have visited the site, or if it is one in two people.
Qualifying your SEO will allow you to consider switching to paid or non-paid SEO (SEA versus SEO)

photo by Svilen Milev from freeimages

Be careful, paying $ 1000 for 1000 clicks and having a single buyer who pays for a product at $ 50 is $ 950 loss. It is better to sell more expensive products that exceed this cost of $ 1000, or to target SEO a lot more: $ 2 for two clicks and a sale at $ 50, it is much more interesting.

How to encourage Google to properly reference your site?

It is not easy because today there are more than 200 criteria in natural referencing. And the competition is doing the same thing as you. Imagine that you have managed to have a well-referenced TAG, for example the “New York real estate” TAG. When people type this expression, your site arrives on the first page of Google. Competitors can see that your site is on the first page with this expression. So they can include that phrase on the pages of their site, or they can buy that phrase from Google. Thus, each time a user types the expression “New York real estate”, an ad will appear on the Google page. It will divert a part of the customer base to them.

There is no ideal solution for your site. Either you decide to completely redo your site to integrate an SEO strategy, or you modify it in depth. In any case, if your website is poorly referenced, it must be changed in depth.
And don’t forget one thing: asking a service provider to redesign a website does not give you any guarantee that your website will be better referenced. I know of websites which are very well referenced, which have a lot of traffic, and which have been entirely made by their owner.

What are the essential elements for a good SEO strategy for your website?

Target your customers: If you sell real estate in Paterson or Clifton near New York, there is little point in describing it with words like “real estate” or “New York real estate”. It is better to describe your advertisements with the expressions “Paterson real estate” or “Clifton real estate”.

Photo by Svilen Milev from freeimages

Be more flexible in the structure of your website. Thus, you can evolve it according to the different evolutionary strategies.
Be more rigorous in the constitution of your site: avoid pages that are too heavy, too aggressive with advertisements
Think about the general structure of your site, so that users don’t get lost, and think about links to social networks.
Think that your site must be mobile friendly, it must adapt to small screens. If you don’t know how to do it, know that WordPress is a mobile friendly website editor.

How to create your merchant website?

Customer identification

This is the first and probably the most important step. Know that the Japanese, when they want to design and sell a new product, first do a study of the market of the client country to know as much as possible these inhabitants and adapt its future product to this new market. It may happen that the Japanese manufacture a product perfectly suited to the USA and not at all to Japan.
These clients can be local, international, rich, poor, male, female, etc … Depending on the typology of the clients, SEO will adapt.

Create the site structure

For example, you can draw blocks on a sheet of paper to represent the skeleton of the site. Then you create pages, for example product pages. Do not forget the regulatory pages as the legal notices.

Create a blog

This is a place where you can write articles, news, which may interest your customers. The more interesting these articles are considered by your customers, the longer they will remain on your site, and they will transfer the link from the page to acquaintances. All this will increase the SEO of your site.

Introduced key elements of SEO
  • Introduce relevant keywords so that people find your site
  • Create HTML tags (code present in the pages but not necessarily visible by Internet users)
  • Make meta descriptions

Introduce relevant titles

Make meaningful URLs: we prefer a URL like: http://website.com/realestateillinois rather than a URL that contains a succession of numbers.

Mobile friendly

Create your site with WordPress or ask the person who made the site to make it mobile friendly. This will prevent smartphone users from viewing your site in lowercase characters.

Page size

It is considered that it makes pages of at least 1000 words so that they are properly referenced.

Differentiate from the competition

This means making competitors differently while being well referenced by your future customers.
An example: do not try to systematically correct spelling or grammatical errors in your texts. Indeed, if only 1% of people write “house” in the following way: “ouse”, this 1% of people will find your site easily.

Distribution of articles and pages

Install clickable buttons on your site that allow you to send summaries of these articles and pages to social media, which in turn can generate traffic, especially if the one who posted the article has a lot of followers.

In conclusion, there is no ideal website SEO strategy. Be aware, however, that you should not give up too quickly: Google likes sites that are older!

Owning residential real estate, a good idea?

Real estate and property news, just for you!

Everyone will tell you: owning real estate is a good thing.

We could make the comparison between renting a property and buying it. Many websites have already written many articles on this subject. It is therefore not relevant on our part. First, because it is very complex as a comparison. Here are some examples of this complexity:

  • Long-term bank interest rates, 20 or 30 years.
  • Your remuneration over the long term.
  • Value of your property in the long term.

In summary, it is the word “difficulty” that comes up every time and the expression “in the long term”. So all the websites that make predictions potentially make false predictions.

So what can we bring from archiplain again?

We are talking about the long term. So let’s assess the possibilities for change in the long term.
Bank interest rates can be very high in the event of renewed inflation. It can be very low in the event of an economic depression. Can we say that there is never a recession? The examples of the past demonstrate the opposite: the 2008 crisis.

Your remuneration over the long term

There is a fundamental trend of change in the paradigm of the economy. it is called the uberization of the economy. This expression comes from the company Uber which employs mainly freelancers). Because of uberization, people’s wages are no longer fixed as before. It is therefore uncertain to calculate interest rates on the basis of unstable remuneration.

The value of a property

It can also vary over the long term:

  • fragility of the materials used
  • declaration of a new flood zone
  • presence of a problem nuclear power plant in the vicinity
  • presence of termites

How to counter all this: simple, be rich !!! So, you can have properties in several different places. You can call on many specialists in natural and artificial risks. You can go to several different countries to increase the tax risk, …

More seriously, you must consider buying a real estate as a very serious project that requires a lot of work. For example, if you fear flooding, built on a hill, at the top, you may have lightning, but no flood.

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The 12 best real estate websites for selling a property

Real estate and property news, just for you!

This list is subjective but it will allow you to find sites that offer houses or apartments for sale.

Here is this list:

  • Realtor.com
  • Zillow
  • Facebook
  • Century 21
  • RE / MAX
  • Homes.com
  • Redfin
  • HomeFinder
  • Craigslist
  • Coldwell Banker Realtors
  • MLS
  • Trulia

These links are not clickable but you can easily find the sites by typing these names on Google.

This list is intentionally subjective. Its purpose is to give ideas to people who want to buy a property.
If you feel that your website should be present on this list, do not hesitate to give me your contact details and the reasons for being present.

Once you’ve chosen a list of preferences, remember the following: A property for sale on a website is not always exactly the same when you visit it. It is necessary to choose the most critical moments: at night, at dawn, at dusk, on a windy, rainy day, at the time of an intense traffic of cars, etc …

Last thing: even if everyone tells you that this house is not for you, the only person who will pay for this house is you! And your personal tastes are not necessarily those of others. The only criterion that matters is: do you feel good in this house?


Property hunter, a profession for the future

Real estate and property news, just for you!

Finding an ideal house, negotiating the price, negotiating a loan with one bank or another, often represents an insurmountable barrier for a certain number of people. This can lead to people never buying a property.

There is, however, a fairly practical solution.

When you buy a house through a real estate agency, you have to pay agency fees, which is normal. This allows the real estate agent to incur costs to sell this house: advertising, advertisements on specialized sites, numerous visits, work with the notary. But we know less that by paying the same fees, we can ask the real estate agent to look for this house for us.

There are many advantages to this:

  • The real estate agent can help you define the best criteria for the property you want to buy.
  • The real estate agent can look for properties that are not necessarily for sale. Indeed, it happens that the visit of a property by an agent can trigger the owner to want to sell the property.
  • The real estate agent can save you from the classic pitfalls (noisy place, poor workmanship, …).
  • Search for a property when you don’t live in the country
  • Experience and market knowledge make the real estate agent much more efficient than the buyer himself
  • The real estate agent knows how to negotiate better
  • The buyer saves a lot of time by visiting only the properties negotiated by the real estate agent

This relatively unknown activity of property hunter should develop greatly because it has many advantages. We may even be surprised that so few people use this way of having a property. Indeed, one can visit goods oneself and in parallel, call upon the services of a property hunter.


How to properly write a real estate ad?

Real estate and property news, just for you!

More and more people are looking for real estate listings on the Internet. First because it’s easier than looking for real estate agencies in town. On the other hand, you can select the property you want based on many criteria. Finally, this avoids at first the excessive pressure from the real estate agent who absolutely wants to sell you the house he has in mandate.

It is therefore advisable to write your real estate ad as best as possible so that it can be located in the midst of thousands of other ads.

What are the things people are looking for first? We have selected a few criteria that will allow you to stand out from other ads:

  • Put pictures. If possible, hire a photographer.
  • Create a YouTube channel with videos of your home and a link in your ad
  • Give as much detail as possible to the description of your property. Search engines are based on keywords. I know a person who searches for objects on ad sites, who buys them, and who resells them more expensive on the same sites by making a much more detailed ad.
  • Put your advertisement on the most sites of announcements of real estate sales, free and paying. Attention, always put the same sale price on these ads. People compare sites and don’t understand when there are price variations.
  • Update your ad regularly. Real estate sites often top the most recent listings.
  • Put your advertisement on traditional supports: local newspaper, advertisement in supermarket, in your school, work.
  • Offer the fairest price corresponding to the real estate market in your neighborhood. Too low a price and you will lose money. A price too high and you will have to lower the price later, which worries potential buyers.

If you follow these tips, you should have more opportunities to sell your property.

We will update this post regularly to give you more and more sales advice. Don’t hesitate to bookmark this page in your browser, Firefox, Chrome or Hedge.


Draw free plan

Real estate and property news, just for you!

And the question that goes with that of the title is: how to have a quality and free house plan?

House with garden

I will respond with nuances. Indeed, in a conventional store, if you buy a connected speaker, the price is correlated with the quality. Indeed, a large and heavy speaker like Google Home will generally be more expensive than a small speaker because of better quality. It is valid for all objects of daily life. A Ferrari type car will be more expensive and of better quality than a Peugeot 109 or a Fiat Tipo (sorry for the manufacturers …).

In digital, it’s very different. Simply because the economic models are different. In digital, you can have an essentially free service. In one case, it will be completely free and the company that produces this service will live on advertising (we often see this with bloggers from Youtube). In another case, the service will be free, and the company that produces this service will live thanks to additional functionalities accessible through paid subscription. In both cases, the quality of the service must be important or people will not come to the site.


So, to answer the question of the title: yes, we can have a quality and free product. But you should never forget that if the business model of the company does not work (not enough ads on the site because too many people put an ad blocker, or not enough people who take a paid version with new features) then the site can stop, which happens regularly.


This is why we have chosen to put this free, archiplain house plan software online. We offer you essentially free software, of very good quality. And if you want new features, you can take a paid subscription that you only pay once (no renewal every month. You buy it today, and in 6 months, the account will still be active).


2D and 3D floor plans

Real estate and property news, just for you!

Today, I would like to talk to you about 2D and 3D house plans. Because there is more and more software that offers 3D house plans and, curiously, the number of people who use 2D house plan software is always as important.

If you want to create your 2D plan, you need house building software as a free archiplain. You may consider downloading archiplain or other software.

But I think the explanation is elsewhere.

2D house plan

Imagine that I want to create floor plans. I will probably first draw my plans online. Create plan sounds easy, but not that much. And making modern house plans, farm house plans or custom house plans is quite difficult. This requires special skills related to the particular type of house. I’m not even talking about ranch house plans, country house plans or farm which are very specific.
No, the real reason is different.

The real reason is this: we all have a greater or lesser difficulty in having a 3D representation of objects.

You all know examples of amusement parks that represent houses upside down, that is to say that the ceiling is on the floor and the floor on the ceiling. In general, after the first laughs to move around, one quickly becomes very disturbed. This is because our visual cues are in trouble. The same goes for 3D house plans. We can make a 2D house plan and with imagination, see 3D. But if the plan is in 3D, we are quickly lost.

Finally, you may prefer 2D or 3D to make your house plans. But the 2 will always exist. It’s like paper books and electronic books.


Drone to sell a property

Real estate and property news, just for you!

More and more, we use drones to make virtual tours of real estate for sale. This makes it possible to move inside the house or to fly over it to see it as a whole.

But we rarely think of using a drone as a means of control.

What are the controls that can be done?

  • Control of the roof. You can look at the roof, gutters, vents, fireplaces, TV antennas, solar panels.
  • Control granaries in which we can not move. We can see the state of insulation, framing, ventilation systems, electrical installations.
  • Field control. At a certain height, we can see if the vegetation grows homogeneously, if the tops of the hedges are in good condition. We can also see if there are nests of Asian hornets.
  • Control of the surroundings. Better than with Google Map, because it is done immediately, we can see if there is nuisance in the surroundings: presence of a railway line, a highway, a factory of breeding of pigs or poultry, a treatment plant, a dam.

As we can see, there are many ways to control a real estate asset. From our point of view, it would be necessary for computer companies to make image processing software from the views of drones and offer this type of service to real estate agencies. Thus, it would bring a real plus to real estate sales.


Provider of business in real estate

Real estate and property news, just for you!

Real estate is a market that drains very important financial flows. For many people, it’s the biggest purchase of a lifetime.

For a real estate agent, the most important thing is to have real estate for sale. For this, it is necessary that owners agree to entrust their property to this real estate agent through a contract. That’s why real estate agents spend a lot of time looking for properties for sale.

On the other hand, it is sometimes difficult for a retiree, an unemployed person or a young person to earn enough money to live. An elegant way to solve these difficulties is to become a business provider for real estate.

If you know a property for sale, or if you know people who will soon sell a property, you can talk to a real estate agent, of course respecting the discretion of the people who gave you this information.
How to access this information? These people who will sell their property are grouped into different categories, the main ones being:

  • Divorce proceedings. In some countries, one-third of couples divorce. It can be up to half. And the house or apartment must be sold for everyone to get money back.
  • Job transfer. Either the owner changes responsibility and has to move to another area, his plant has to close and he has to find work elsewhere.

Once we know this information, and with the agreement of the owner, just see the real estate agent and offer to sell this property. If the sale takes place, the provider of business can recover a certain amount of money that can range from a few hundred euros to a few thousand.

In conclusion, it is a good way to make money for people who need it to live without making it a real job.

Attention, in some countries, the regulation imposes a maximum of gains to this not exceed. Beyond, you have to declare yourself as a real estate agent.


Make a kitchen plan

Real estate and property news, just for you!

There are several possibilities to build your kitchen, more precisely to equip your kitchen:

  • Buy the furniture and the rest like the oven, the sink, the refrigerator, the hood in a department store like Ikea
  • Order a custom furniture specialist and assemble the furniture yourself
  • Order everything from a specialist and let him do everything alone
  • Another possibility: build the furniture yourself and install them

In any case, you will have to plan the kitchen first. Of course, we recommend our online archiplain software but you can choose the one that interests you. Why do that? Because the dimensions of a house are rarely accurate. It is not uncommon to see deviations of one inch, or 2 to 3 centimeters, between theory and reality.

Once this kitchen plan is complete, you need the furniture. Never forget one thing: there is never enough room to store everything you need. So do not hesitate to install high furniture. Also take advantage of some tips for example to integrate the dishwasher in a piece of furniture. Do not forget also that it is important to be able to move easily in the kitchen which remains a place in which one moves a lot to make dishes.

Last thing: install a ventilation in the kitchen to allow the burned gases to be able to evacuate easily and to avoid intoxication. And install an evacuation above the hood that is connected to the outside. A big problem in kitchens is the accumulation of traces of oil on walls and furniture. These traces are very difficult to remove.


5 ideas for selling your house

Real estate and property news, just for you!

Looking for what can make the difference to sell your house or apartment?

Of course, we can say that what makes the difference is the price of the living space, the size of the property, its cleanliness, the white walls, its insulation, the absence of noise, etc … You will find these arguments in all blogs that talk about real estate.

But selling or not selling often depends on small details.
Here are the 5 criteria that will make a good sale:

  1. Leisure around the house: all that is of interest in the region should be described, hiking, skiing, cinema, theater, games, remarkable landscape, castles, bike, etc …
  2. Seasonal Activities: If your house is in a ski resort, you may think that the winter (for skiing) and summer (for hiking) periods will be profitable, but the inter seasons like spring or summer autumn can take place in the rain …
  3. Special house: anything that can make your home different from the others: the morning sun in the kitchen, the movie room, the gym, the ceilings where you can hang ropes to play sports, the bed that enter a wall, …
  4. The equipment of the house: the washing machine with a large volume, the special oven pizza, home automation, security alarm, …
  5. The catering: all the places where one can eat well around the house, restaurant, pizzerias, creperie, etc … and their opening hours. I know a couple of people who bought a rather expensive house, first because it has beautiful finishes, but also because they can take their little black coffee on foot every morning not far away.


Aquarium of humans

Real estate and property news, just for you!

I wanted to talk to you about this fashion of immersing homes for many reasons:

  • Enjoy the beauty of the seabed
  • Protect yourself from aerial attacks
  • Enjoy a constant temperature
  • Increase the living space

Here we present you a luxury holiday home with walls and fully transparent ceiling. The light and the view are beautiful. But no doubt that Mr Photoshop has been there.

See aquarium 1

Because we must not forget that special glass walls can get dirty. It is therefore necessary to regularly clean these windows of the mosses and algae that are deposited there. More annoyingly, shellfish have the bad habit of sticking to it and are more difficult to remove.

But on arrival, we can enjoy the show.

See aquarium 2

Be careful though: the sea is not always a world of peace and happiness. You could attend a shark’s meal that shreds a sea lion at the time of your coffee. I remember a natural park in which a glass tunnel was installed in the middle of a lion pen. As we were crossing this tunnel, the park feeders threw chickens to feed these lions. The sight of these lions with the blood-covered jaws just above us was unpleasant.

By ignoring these unpleasant situations, the spectacle of the sea is often exhilarating. Just look at the slow movement of a starfish or jellyfish to gain some serenity.


Unsaleable house, what to do?

Real estate and property news, just for you!

A house can become unsaleable for a lot of reasons:

  • Half of the houses in the village are empty
  • There are no economic activities
  • No access road
  • No shops
  • Terraced house with a ruin
  • Termite problem
  • Lead problem

Of course, we can find many other reasons.

First of all, it is primarily a price problem. Indeed, if the price is low enough, we always find someone who is interested.

And then we can do a home staging job to make the house attractive:

  • Empty all furniture and decorations
  • Repaint all in white
  • Beautify the garden
  • Do minor repairs: electricity, plumbing, window cleaning

Finally, prepare a speech to attract potential buyers. The important thing is to make people understand the interest they can have in living in this house. Do not stay too factual, play on feelings.


Nuisance at home

Real estate and property news, just for you!

When you want to buy or build a house, you want to have all the necessary comfort. But it is also useful to think of the nuisances that one can have.

There is a lot of nuisance. For example :

  • Bad orientation of the house compared to the sun
  • Leakage of water, of pipe
  • Bad smells
  • Cracks in the walls
  • Presence of rodents in the attic or walls

But if you do a search on Google, you will find by typing the word “nuisance” that the results mainly concern noise. And it is true that noise is considered by a majority of people as nuisance number 1.
What kinds of noise generate nuisances?

Some of the most common are:

  • Car or truck noises, train noise
  • Neighbors’ noises, above, below or beside
  • Aircraft noise
  • Factory sounds
  • Wind noise
  • School sounds
  • Construction noise
  • Sounds of bar or restaurant

I cited only some noise. If we had to quote them all, this post would not be enough.

In conclusion, and considering that the noise nuisance is the first disadvantage cited by the people, it would be useful if the people who have a project of purchase or construction of house make use of a specialist consultant to avoid this type of problem.


Technology in architecture

Real estate and property news, just for you!

Technology has always been present in architecture. Of course, we do not talk about electronics or computers.

For example, the pyramids of Giseh or the buildings built by the Incas: huge blocks of stone are sealed together without using mortar. We can think that it took a lot of know-how, and probably technology, to build these buildings.

Much research is being done to understand how the ancients could move such blocks of stone, how they carved them, and how they adjusted them.

Closer to home, we can only be amazed by Gustave Eiffel who built a huge tower with iron bars and bolts.

Nowadays, technology has taken a leading role in architecture.

For example, we can build houses with 3D printers. Thanks to this technique, it is possible to create forms impossible to achieve with bricks or blocks.

Drones can also bring a lot to the architecture, for example by making it possible to carry out controls on buildings already built, with software that allows to ensure quality monitoring.

Home automation has come a long way and makes it possible to have smart homes.

It is also possible to design fully mobile houses that orient themselves in relation to the sun.

In the future, we can imagine that the construction techniques by 3D printing will still progress, the machines will be less and less expensive. Thus, poorer people will be able to access homes at affordable prices.


Architectural Schools in the United States

Real estate and property news, just for you!

We present in this article the best schools of architecture in the USA:

  • Yale, School of Architecture
  • Harvard Graduate School of Design
  • University of Pennsylvania, School of Design
  • University Cornell, College of Architecture, Art and Planning
  • University of Cincinnati, Design, Architecture, Art and Planning
  • Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, College of Architecture and Environmental Design
  • University of Michigan, Taubman College, Architecture and Urban Planning
  • University of Syracuse, Syracuse (New York), Syracuse University School of Architecture
  • University of Texas, Austin, School of Architecture
  • University of Kansas, College of Architecture, Planning and Design
  • Florida International University, Miami, FIU School of Architecture
  • University of Columbia, New York, Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation

But this ranking is necessarily arbitrary because it includes many criteria. Indeed, for a student living in New York, a nearby school but less prestigious will be preferable to a school in Los Angeles more prestigious. The criterion of employability can also be considered essential. Leaving a school with a degree is not enough. You have to be able to find an interesting and well paid job. But it also depends on the reputation of the school, for example internationally. To make a big project in Asia or Europe, we will rely on the reputation of the school in addition to the CV of the candidate.

Finally, the most important criterion is the following: whatever the level of school, it is the motivation of the student that is important. Being first in school, even if it’s average, will sometimes be better than being the last of a prestigious school.

We will return regularly to this post to modify it and take into account the evolution of the reputation of these schools.


Facebook or Google?

Real estate and property news, just for you!

We present today the list of the most visited websites in the world :

  1. Google.com
  2. YouTube.com
  3. Facebook.com
  4. Baidu
  5. Wikipedia.org
  6. reddit.com
  7. Yahoo.com
  8. QQ.com
  9. Amazon.com
  10. Taobao.com
  11. Twitter.com
  12. tmall.com
  13. vk.com
  14. instagram.com
  15. Live.com
  16. sohu.com
  17. sina.com.cn
  18. jd.com
  19. weibo.com
  20. 360.cn

Unsurprisingly, the most popular site is Google. But be careful, the numbers do not always have the value that is expected of them. For example, in this list, numbers 1 and 2 are Google and Youtube. But these two companies are part of the same company: Google LLC. So, Facebook has to be compared to Youtube and Google together, the first place in the ranking, far ahead of others.

Beware of Wikipedia which is in 5th position, but most of the traffic comes from questions asked on Google.

Interestingly, we can also note that US companies dominate this ranking. But the Chinese are not absent, even if they do not occupy the first places.

The first site is Baidu, a Chinese search engine in 4th position. But we also have QQ in 9th position, and plenty others companies. Note that the second social network after Facebook is Twitter in just 11th position, and the third is Instagram, in just 14th position.

We will regularly resume this article to make it evolve based on news.


What is estate planning?

Real estate and property news, just for you!

The estate planning is for everyone.

In fact, you have an estate. Why ? Because it concerns everything you own. Your home, of course, but also your car, your bank accounts, investments, insurance, and even your electric bike. You want to have control over all these properties, especially who you want to give them to or from whom you want to receive them, and of course by paying the least taxes and taxes possible.

Home as part of your estate plannig

Estate planning is the act of controlling all your assets as part of a plan. Almost no one does this, and yet it concerns a lot of money. Imagine that a company does not do this, it is bankruptcy assured.

What does it take to have a good estate planning? We have some recommendations. Attention, this list is not exhaustive:

  1. Take out life insurance that will allow your loved ones to have no trouble if you die.
  2. Take into consideration the consequences if you become disabled or dependent on others
  3. Take a lawyer to minimize taxes, including inheritance
  4. Predict the succession of your business in case of retirement, disability or death
  5. Plan who can take care of your minor children in case of problems
  6. Predict the divorce

And more generally, do the estate planning regularly over time and not just once or twice.

As you can see, there are many topics for discussion and I am sure most of you have not done this work. As a result, the best time to start this job is now!


Do drones replace fireworks?

Real estate and property news, just for you!

One can really ask the question, as the drone technology has made a lot of progress in recent years.
First of all, drones can do a lot of things that were not possible thanks to the miniaturization of electronic components. They are often equipped with high definition cameras. But they can do many other things. They can :

  • send flames
  • send insecticide to destroy Asian wasp or hornet nests
  • carry packages as for the Amazon company
  • carry people like Airbus
  • and lots of other properties

Firework 1

They can also simply be equipped with light of all colors.
Another property is very interesting: the flight of drones can be controlled by distance, and directed through a computer program. As a result, they can very accurately coordinate their flight not related to each other and perform an overall flight.
So we begin to see shows of hundreds, and sometimes thousands of drones with fairies of color and movement in the dark sky.

Firework 2

What are the benefits of these shows compared to conventional fireworks?

  • Less noise, even if the flight of drones is not perfectly silent.
  • Indeed, fireworks often frighten birds and some die
  • An infinity of figures in the sky, computer programs being unlimited
  • Better environmental protection because more particles are released into nature with fireworks

On the other hand, it is necessary to regulate the risk of falling of a drone on spectators. The obvious solution is to make these shows over risk-free areas: lake, river, mountain, …


Real estate for sale

Real estate and property news, just for you!

The magic expression that one seeks when one walks in a city is: real estate for sale, or real estate homes for sale, or homes for sale.
Real estate agents have many ways to communicate when they want to offer a house for sale:

  • Put posters on the window of their shop
  • Put house ads for sale in specialized magazines
  • More and more, put ads on social networks like Twitter or Instagram
  • The most classic way: put a poster on the front of the house for sale.

And it is true that this last possibility is effective. Indeed, many people want to buy a house in a city or a particular neighborhood. While walking, they can see what are the houses for sale, the advantages of this house as the appearance, the garden, the proximity of shops, public transport and potential nuisances such as noise, power lines, exposure to the sun, noisy neighborhood.

Chrysler Building

That’s why real estate agents give a special importance to the sales panels that are installed on the properties.
But these agents sometimes face the reluctance of the owner of the house.
What are the reasons ?
Sometimes the owner does not want to indicate that his house is for sale, by discretion. Indeed, if this person is often on a business trip, it may indicate to thieves that his house is empty at this time.
Other owners consider that a sales sign on a property is not aesthetic. Moreover, we advise real estate agents to work on the aesthetics of their sales panels to counter this difficulty.

Jean Nouvel building

Finally, a sales sign can tell other real estate agents that this house is for sale. As a result, the landlord may be beset by phone calls from real estate agents who also wish to sell this home.

In conclusion, a sales sign bearing the mention “real estate for sale” is very useful for a house sale but it is careful that this panel does not cause difficulties for the home owner.