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Free floor plan

Draw Plan

Chapter 1: Welcome to archiplain – Your Free Online Floor Planning Solution For Free Floor Plan

Are you seeking an intuitive and hassle-free way to create floor plans effortlessly? Look no further than archiplain. Our platform offers a user-friendly interface that simplifies the process of designing floor plans without the need for complex software installations.

Chapter 2: Ease of Use and Accessibility

Archiplain prides itself on its accessibility and ease of use. Whether you’re an architecture novice or a seasoned professional, our platform is tailored to accommodate users of all skill levels. You can access the tools and features directly through your web browser, eliminating the need for software downloads.

Chapter 3: No Design or IT Expertise Required

One of the standout features of archiplain is its simplicity. You don’t need any prior design or IT experience to create stunning floor plans. Our editor is designed to be straightforward and precise, ensuring that anyone can start crafting their plans immediately upon accessing our website.

Chapter 4: Versatile Design Capabilities

With archiplain, you have the freedom to unleash your creativity. You can start from scratch or utilize existing drafts and drawings provided by architects. Our platform allows you to add various elements such as rooms, walls, doors, windows, and staircases effortlessly.

Chapter 5: Customization and Precision

Tailoring your floor plan to your specific needs is a breeze with archiplain. Adjust wall thickness to match the materials you plan to use, and change the color of each element with ease. Imagine coloring your water-centric areas like bathrooms and kitchens in serene blue hues or infusing your bedrooms with bold reds—all achievable within our intuitive editor.

Chapter 6: Collaborative Capabilities and Sharing Options

Archiplain facilitates collaboration by allowing you to share your designs with others. Whether it’s for feedback, teamwork, or client presentations, our platform provides seamless sharing options, enhancing the collaborative aspect of your architectural projects.

Free Floor plan
Free floor plan
Chapter 7: Library of items

When you have made your plan, you can add items to furnish and decorate. Our library contains many objects that you can install in your free floor plan thanks to our drag & drop interface.

Chapter 8: Furniture for each room

You can install furniture such as office, room, kitchen, dining room, bathroom and living room furniture.

Examples of furniture
Examples of furniture
Chapter 9: Outdoor objects

Then, you install outdoor objects such as those of garages, trees, plants, or swimming pools.

Examples of outdoor objects
Examples of outdoor objects
Chapter 10: Heater and symbols

In addition, you install heaters and many symbols such as electricity, safety and compass.

Examples of heater and symbols
Examples of heater and symbols

Chapter 11: Additional tools

Finally, you have many tools that allow you to perfect your plan.

You can make up to 3 plans for free. But if you want one or two more plans for free, surprise, it may be possible … with our Free plan.

Free plan
Free plan

Conclusion: Elevate Your Architectural Design Experience with ArchiPlain’s Premium Features

If you’re looking to take your architectural designs to the next level, ArchiPlain offers an affordable premium version packed with additional functionalities. This premium upgrade empowers users to delve deeper into the world of floor planning, enabling a range of advanced features catering to professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Unlock Enhanced Capabilities

By opting for the premium version, you gain access to an array of advanced tools that elevate your design process. Create accurate quotes and utilize a rangefinder to ensure precise measurements, essential for any architectural project. Generate high-definition pictures to visualize your designs in detail, and export your floor plans in PDF format to scale for presentations and printing purposes.

Seamless Integration and Export Options

With ArchiPlain’s premium version, compatibility and flexibility are at your fingertips. Utilize the DXF export feature to seamlessly integrate your floor plans with other architectural software or share them with collaborators. This interoperability streamlines your workflow and enhances collaboration among team members or clients.

Affordable and Comprehensive Solution

ArchiPlain’s premium version is designed to offer an extensive suite of tools at an affordable price point. Experience the convenience of premium features without breaking the bank, ensuring that both professionals and enthusiasts can access advanced functionalities without significant financial investment.

Elevate Your Architectural Projects Today

In conclusion, ArchiPlain’s premium version extends beyond basic floor planning, providing a comprehensive suite of tools tailored to meet the needs of architects, designers, and individuals passionate about architectural endeavors. Upgrade today to unlock a world of enhanced capabilities and streamline your architectural design process effortlessly.

Premium plan
Premium plan

2D and 3D floor plans

Draw Plan

Today, I would like to talk to you about 2D and 3D house plans. Because there is more and more software that offers 3D house plans and, curiously, the number of people who use 2D house plan software is always as important.

If you want to create your 2D plan, you need house building software as a free archiplain. You may consider downloading archiplain or other software.

What is the explanation?

But I think the explanation is elsewhere.

2D house plan
2D house plan

Imagine that I want to create floor plans. I will probably first draw my plans online. Create plan sounds easy, but not that much. And making modern house plans, farm house plans or custom house plans is quite difficult. This requires special skills related to the particular type of house. I’m not even talking about ranch house plans, country house plans or farm which are very specific.

No, the real reason is different

The real reason is this: we all have a greater or lesser difficulty in having a 3D representation of objects.

You all know examples of amusement parks that represent houses upside down, that is to say that the ceiling is on the floor and the floor on the ceiling. In general, after the first laughs to move around, one quickly becomes very disturbed. This is because our visual cues are in trouble. The same goes for 3D house plans. We can make a 2D house plan and with imagination, see 3D. But if the plan is in 3D, we are quickly lost.

Finally, you may prefer 2D or 3D to make your house plans. But the 2 will always exist. It’s like paper books and electronic books.


Draw Your First Floor Plan

Draw Plan

Your first house plan: how to do it?
I have a piece of advice: you take a pencil, an eraser, forgiveness of erasers, and a sheet of paper, sorry several of paper.
You start tracing your house on a piece of paper, and that’s where the trouble starts. Oh, I forgot, you need a double decimeter, and a protractor to draw angles. After 5 tries, I bet you put all your plans in the trash.

Plan 3

So, of course, you can practice with online software such as roomsketcher, archiplain or floorplanner.
I invite you to try these 3 programs, and you will see which is the easiest to use.

Let’s go further in the discussion. To make your first plan, do not try to make a detailed plan of the Palace of Versailles. If you do not know, there are 2300 pieces, of which only 1000 can be visited … Start with a more modest project, for example a studio apartment. There are few rooms, and like that, you can practice integrating all rooms, openings and furniture. Ready ? So, it’s up to you to draw your first apartment plan. And if you wish, send me your plan, I will be happy to publish it in this blog.


Create High-Quality Floor Plans

Draw Plan

To make quality, one must first be precise. In the archiplain software, you make walls the length you want, 10, 20 or 30 meters for example. And even if these walls are long, they will be accurate to 0.1 inch. If you prefer the metric system, they will be accurate to the millimeter, which is much more accurate than a real house construction.

We can put color inside each room, and also make each wall with a different color. This property can allow you to differentiate the rooms, in green for example, the rooms of water like the toilets, the kitchen and the bathroom in blue, the living room in purple, the dining room in yellow. Openings such as doors and windows can have their own color.

You can vary the wall thickness with the same precision as before.
As you can see, with this tool, you can make house plans with great precision, much better than you need to build.


How to create floor plans

Draw Plan

I know, you’re going to tell me that this is not the first time you want to describe how to create floor plans or apartment plans.
But that’s not what I want to do. I talked about creativity.
In fact, when you create floor floor plans, you often make square or rectangular pieces. For a simple reason: furniture is often square or rectangular.
Well, I tell you very frankly: this world is over and the future world is already here.

How to create floor plans 1
How to create floor plans 1

Why this statement? You seem to forget that technology is making progress every day.
When a craftsman in his workshop made a motor vehicle with wheels, and that vehicle managed to advance a few meters, who could have imagined at the time that we would have today millions of cars in the world, and highways, peripherals, traffic lights and tickets?

How to create floor plans 2
How to create floor plans 2

What is the major innovation?

This major innovation is 3D printing. In the future, we will make houses with all possible forms because there are already machines that can make houses in 3D printing. And we can make furniture that fits perfectly in these houses because, yes, there are 3D prints for furniture. These machines already exist. It only misses their diffusion in very large numbers.

How to prepare for this event? Use the online archiplain software, and practice doing some very original house plans. For example, a house that looks like a flower seen from the sky, each petal being a room, or a house that looks like a rabbit (a room for each ear, and the garage in the legs).


Garage floor plan

Draw Plan

How to design a good garage plan? A priori, we can think that it is the easiest part to conceive. But it is far from being the case.

First, we must predict its surface. It is generally thought to provide a surface slightly larger than his car. Serious mistake!

Most often, we live in a couple. It takes 2 car slots. And if possible two driveways because with a single entrance, the second car is often more difficult to park.

Second problem: your child just had his driving license and of course he wants a car and still live at home for a while. If you have not planned, your child’s car will be every night on the street or on the lawn.

Garage 1

Another thing: you have your garage and the car inside, you are quietly installed in front of your television, and your husband or your wife asks you to look for an object present in the car. It’s raining a lot, and you do not have an access door between the house and the garage. Too bad for you, it will be necessary to wait or go out in the rain.

Garage 2

Last thing: For reasons of exposure of your house to the sun, the garage is often located north of the house, where the humidity is the most common. In this case, plan a small window and open it frequently to avoid musty odors. The ideal is to have two windows to create an air circulation.


Bedroom floor plan

Draw Plan

When one wants to make a plan of house or apartment, one often thinks of the dwelling, but rarely with each piece taken individually.

We offer here a presentation of the bedroom.

First of all, you have to define the surface of this room. Indeed, this surface can be very variable. The smallest are only 100 square meters. But we can have a room of 1000 square meters.

A classic room has a door and a window, a closet and two bedside tables. When the rooms are larger, we can install a bathroom that leads directly to the room. Important, you have to think about the orientation of the sun.

Room 1

Our ancestors always installed rooms facing east, where the sun rises. Thus, the rising sun allowed to wake up and the room could keep some freshness because it did not receive the important heat of the sun in the South and the West.

Room 2

Then how to position the bed? Debates still exist on this subject, but a relative consensus says that the head of the bed (where our head is) must be in the North, in order to be in the direction of the magnetic waves.

Finally, once in your bed, you must be able to see the door and the window. It is a very old habit from the time when one lived in caves or wooden huts. Being able to see allows you to sleep more serenely and be ready in case an enemy enters your room.


Floor plan on Google Trends

Draw Plan

If you are on this site, archiplain is that you are looking for news about architecture, design, or anything related to real estate. And in some cases, you are looking to make a house plan.

I wondered what is on Google when you type the keywords “Floor plan”. To be more rigorous, I looked for trends on Google Trends. And the result is very interesting. I focused on this expression and only on the American territory, precisely the United States. Here is the result :

  1. CES Floor plan
  2. World of concrete floor plan
  3. Shot show floor plan
  4. Hgtv dream home floor plan
  5. Promat floor plan
  6. Expo west floor plan
  7. Isc west floor plan
  8. Notre Dame floor plan

Surprisingly, we do not find the main software that can make house plans. There are mainly salons and congresses. And after analysis, it’s not so surprising.

Indeed, in most salons, there are many exhibitors and it is very difficult not to get lost. To avoid this, there is a website for each event in which a plan is found. And since there are many visitors, there is a lot of traffic on the site. In general, there is a page of the site called: “name of event” floor plan. That’s the explanation.

People who are looking to make a house plan can find instead many salons and congresses.

Two interesting remarks:

Anyone who needs to make a convention plan or salon plan can do it with archiplain quite easily.

On Google Trends, we find the sentence “Notre Dame Floor Plan”. This is not surprising because many people have launched architectural projects to redo the Notre Dame de Paris cathedral which burned.


How to draw a floor plan

Draw Plan

It is simple and at the same time it is not easy. You could say that you have to take architecture lessons. Indeed, we can do it. But it is not at all necessary. We are going to show you here how to draw a floor plan.

If you want to build a small wall around your house, do you have to study for several years to be a mason? Do you want to make a small flower garden, do you have to study to be a landscaper? Then, if you want to repair your sink, should you study to be a plumber?

How to draw a floor plan 1
How to draw a floor plan 1

To all these questions, the answer is obviously no.

Using a online floor plan software

In fact, to draw a floor plan, it is not very difficult. If you use the online house plan software on this website, you will see that in just a few minutes you will have made your first house plan. And there will be all that is needed to make this plan:

  • Walls
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Furniture
Additional specifications

You can indicate the name of each room, give them the color you want, indicate the measures, and many other things.

How to draw a floor plan 2
How to draw a floor plan 2

Of course, if you want to build a much larger building, such as a school, a nursery, an administrative building, an industrial building, then you will have to respect many standards because it is necessary to respect the rules, in particular of safety. But even in this case, you will need to make several plans before entrusting the project to an architect who will ask you for more money if you leave the project from the beginning without plan.


Floor plan designer

Draw Plan

If you have a renovation project, you absolutely must be able to make a house plan quite easily. Why do that?

First, we must take the measures very strictly. In old houses, it is quite common to see differences in measurements. For example, a difference between the top and bottom of a wall may be an inch (up to 2 cm).

The same difference can be observed from right to left along the wall.

Another problem may appear. In many countries, the value of a house is correlated to the living space. If you decide to insulate your home with glass wool or other insulation, it may reduce the living space. And believe me, the living space can be greatly diminished.

Even if the house is renovated, the living space is reduced and it is necessary that the increase of value thanks to the renovation is not compensated by the loss of this space.

Floor plan designer 1

The big advantage of having a house plan software is to be able to predict this loss of living space to have an estimate: for example, we can think that it is useful to isolate the outer walls of the house because they are in contact with cold or hot from the outside, but not the interior walls.

Floor plan designer 2

Finally, something that you do not often think about. Once you put insulation on the walls, and the living space is reduced, will furniture be able to enter the rooms?

If you have a large bed and two bedside tables, perhaps the width of the bed and bedside tables will exceed the width of the room.

In conclusion, take all necessary measures and pay attention before doing any renovations.


Draw floor plans

Draw Plan

The question is: Is it possible to draw house plans without being an architect?
I’m sorry, but the question is badly asked (I know, it’s me who asked this question …).
In reality, it depends on the use you want to make of these plans.

Draw floor plan 1

If you want to make a house plan to give to workers who will build a bridge, or a building, or a dam, we can say that it is a little risky. This is not risky because of the plan that would be poorly done, because the house software is quite well done (you can test archiplain, very good product …). But it’s mostly a question of responsibility. If the workers hurt their work, if you have badly integrated some parts of the plan, the consequence can be disastrous.

Draw floor plan 2

On the other hand, if you want to make a house plan for yourself, to practice rooms, bathroom, dining room and all the furniture that is in these rooms, this kind of tool is very practical .

You have to choose a software tool that allows you to save plans. Like this, you can spend a few moments on a plan, then save it, and finally resume this plan later to complete it.
Let’s not forget the interest of putting colors in these plans. Architect’s plans are often black on a white background. The pieces in color are much more pleasant. we can put for example:

  • Blue in rooms like the bathroom and the toilet.
  • Warm red in the living rooms such as the dining room and the living room
  • Pastel yellow in the rooms

Take pleasure in making these plans, and if you make plans with lots of color, send them to the editor and we will be happy to publish them.


Floor plan in India

Draw Plan

India is a very big country, a great democracy, and probably the most populous country in the world.

It would be interesting to know which cities are most interested in real estate in India. For this, we can of course look at the statistics. But I like to educate myself with the Google trends tool.

To the question: which are the regions that question Google the most with the expression floor plan? There are interesting things. The Indian cities that are most interested in this expression are:

  • Maharashtra
  • Karnataka
  • Haryana
  • Puducherry
  • Delhi

5 Indian cities

When we look at the most interested cities, we find:

  • Pimpri-Chinchwad
  • Gurgaon
  • Mumbai
  • Bengaluru
  • Pune

Indian states

But it can be said, looking at the percentages, that the two most important cities are: Pimpri-Chinchwad and Gurgaon.

Related queries India

In any case, in our personal archiplain statistics, we can tell you that the United States remains the country that connects the most to our site, but India is a good second.


How to draw an open floor plan with Google

Draw Plan

The real question is: how do I know who is interested in the house floor plan in the United States?
By doing research on Google trends, and stating the words floor plan, we see that the 5 cities that are most interested in these keywords are:

  • Austin
  • Boston
  • New York
  • Washington
  • Jacksonville

Open floor plan 1

Interestingly, the most popular 5 related queries are:

  1. House floor plan
  2. Floor plan
  3. Open floor plan
  4. Bedroom plan
  5. Floor plan design

Open floor plan 2

Related queries 1, 2 and 5 are logical and directly dependent on the related query floor plan. More intriguing, the related query 4 focuses specifically on bedroom. Maybe that means that people are more interested in Bedroom, which is perhaps the most interesting room for them.

Finally, the related query 3 is surprising: open floor plan. Why are people interested in this?

By searching on Google with this expression, we find explanations: it is open spaces. This means that many people are looking to make open space plans. And finally, it makes sense. When you want to buy a big apartment and you want to break walls to make an open space, it is essential to make a plan of the apartment beforehand to avoid doing irremediable things.


Best free floor plan software

Draw Plan

This is a question that seems very simple and is not in reality. Why to get a list of the best free floor plan software? It depends on several parameters:


One of these parameters is the level of free. Because a software offers a free part and a paying part. If the free web part is very small to draw your free floor plan, then we are quickly limited.
Another parameter is the type of tools present in the free web part, to compare with the tools in the paid web part.

Best free floor plan software 1
Best free floor plan software 1

Another parameter is the speed to make a house or apartment plan. If the software is slow, it quickly becomes annoying.
Another parameter is the accuracy of the measurements. If the measurements are not smaller than centimeters, what if we want millimeters? Accuracy is very important when making a house or apartment plan.

Feet or centimeters?

Another thing: in the world, there are people who measure in feet, and others in centimeters. What if we want to go from one to another?

Best free floor plan software 2
Best free floor plan software 2

As you can see, comparing software is not easy. We know that this list is not perfect but we put it together taking into account various parameters: ease of finding on the web, fast page loading, fairly large free game, site reputation, and other criteria. Based on that, we’ll be back regularly to edit this list if things change.

So, we’ve made a ranking of the best floor plan software.

When it comes to designing and planning a home, there are many software options available to help you bring your vision to life. Whether you are a professional architect or a DIY enthusiast, there is a software that can accommodate your needs. In this article, we will be discussing the 10 best house plan software options that you can use to design and plan your dream home. This list is based on the software’s popularity, user reviews, and expert opinion, making it a reliable resource for anyone looking to design or plan their home. The article will provide a brief overview of the features of each software, as well as its pros and cons, to help you make an informed decision.

1. SketchUp – This software is widely used by architects and builders for creating detailed 3D models of homes. It offers a wide range of tools for designing and modeling, as well as a large library of pre-made components. It is also easy to use and has a large user community, making it a great choice for both professionals and amateurs.

2. Sweet Home 3D – This open-source software is a popular choice for . designing and planning home interiors. It allows users to create detailed floor plans and then add furniture, lighting, and other elements to the design. It also has a large library of objects and textures to choose from, making it a great option for creating realistic models.

3. Archiplain – It is a user-friendly house plan software that allows you to easily design floor plans, 2D models and landscaping designs. It offers a variety of tools and a large library of pre-made objects and materials, making it easy to create accurate and detailed designs. This software is suitable for professionals and amateurs alike.

4. RoomSketcher – This web-based software is a great choice for creating floor plans, 3D models, and virtual tours of homes. It offers a wide range of tools for designing and modeling, as well as a large library of pre-made objects and materials. It is also easy to use, making it a great option for both professionals and amateurs.

5. Chief Architect – This software is a professional-grade tool for designing and building homes. It includes advanced features for creating detailed floor plans, 3D models, and construction details. It also includes a large library of pre-made objects and materials, making it easy to create detailed and accurate designs.

6. DreamPlan Home Design Software – This software is a user-friendly tool for designing and planning homes. It includes features for creating floor plans, 3D models, and landscaping designs. It also includes a large library of pre-made objects and materials, making it easy to create detailed and accurate designs.

7. TurboFloorPlan Home and Landscape Pro – This software is a comprehensive tool for designing and planning homes, including features for creating floor plans, 3D models, and landscaping designs. It also includes a large library of pre-made objects and materials, making it easy to create detailed and accurate designs.

8. RoomSketcher Home Designer – This software is a web-based tool for creating floor plans and 3D models of homes. It includes a wide range of tools for designing and modeling, as well as a large library of pre-made objects and materials. It is also easy to use, making it a great option for both professionals and amateurs.

9. Plan3D – This online software is a comprehensive tool for designing and planning homes. It includes features for creating floor plans, 3D models, and landscaping designs. It also includes a large library of pre-made objects and materials, making it easy to create detailed and accurate designs.

10. Home Designer Pro – This software is a professional-grade tool for designing and building homes. It includes advanced features for creating detailed floor plans, 3D models, and construction details. It also includes a large library of pre-made objects and materials, making it easy to create detailed and accurate designs.


All of the above-listed software are considered as the best in the market, and it has been reviewed by professionals and experts in the field of architecture and construction. The list is reliable as it is based on the software’s popularity, user reviews, and expert opinion.

Of course, this list is subjective and reflects the opinion of the team of this site. You can form your own opinion by connecting to each of these sites.


Apartment floor plan

Draw Plan

Let’s be very clear with you. We have not planned to make an article on how to make a house or apartment plan. There are several in this website.
It’s all about explaining the specificities of drawing an apartment plan in relation to a house plan.
Indeed, it has not escaped you that an apartment is not exactly like a house. Often, the apartment is high, except the ground floor. There are common areas, such as:

  • the staircase
  • the elevator
  • the lobby
  • the garbage room
  • the bike room
  • a ski room in the mountains
  • and the list is not complete.

apartment floor plan 1

If you are using a house plan editor as an archiplain, do not just make your apartment plan. Draw all these other common rooms as well, as they help make your future apartment pleasant and functional.

apartment floor plan 2

More :

Draw a floor plan

Real estate and property news, just for you!

Draw Plan

First of all, if you want to draw a floor plan, it’s because you have at least two floors in your plan … Otherwise, you have to draw a house plan or an apartment plan…

First thing to do: take the exact measurements of your floor. You have laser systems that are very accurate and inexpensive and that allow you to measure the length, width, and area of each room.

Then, do not forget to measure all the small surfaces like:

  • The passage from one room to another
  • The cupboards
  • The passages of windows
  • The spaces under the stairs

All these measures will be useful for you to draw the plan of your floor.

At this point, you need efficient and accurate software to draw the floor plan. Of course, we prefer the software archiplain that allows you to do all this. Advantage of this software: it calculates in metric system or English customary measures. And he is very precise. Last point: it is free and can be used very quickly. But of course, you can use any other system to draw your plan.

Finally, keep copies of each of your plans. You know, it’s often said that your house is perfect from the third building. It’s the same for house plans: you have to make multiple copies to get the best plan. And sometimes it’s not the last plan that’s the best.

And now, start your floor plans and indulge yourself!

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Draw Plan

How to design a house floor plan

Take a free software. Take the user guide, a 350 page book, and begin your work! How many people have begun to use software, and eventually angry because nothing goes as planned. The drawing disappears, the wall does not go where you want it, the window is too big … with https://archiplain.com/makeyourplan, none of that. The drawings are easy to make, no need instruction, and measures are of a precision rarely seen. Try this software, it does not commit you to anything and you can take your first shots.


For more information, Click here!

To make a house plan : Click here !