Artificial or natural flowers?

Recently, I told you about flowers. Remember, I proposed to make a house in 3D printing that looks like a flower (Here).
In a first project, people have imagined creating artificial flowers to feed the insects of cities:


In this second project, an artist took plastic pipes and blew them like glass to transform them into a flowerpot. The result is amazing:


And finally, what about this lamp that opens and closes like a real flower:


Create High-Quality Floor Plans

To make quality, one must first be precise. In the archiplain software, you make walls the length you want, 10, 20 or 30 meters for example. And even if these walls are long, they will be accurate to 0.1 inch. If you prefer the metric system, they will be accurate to the millimeter, which is much more accurate than a real house construction.

We can put color inside each room, and also make each wall with a different color. This property can allow you to differentiate the rooms, in green for example, the rooms of water like the toilets, the kitchen and the bathroom in blue, the living room in purple, the dining room in yellow. Openings such as doors and windows can have their own color.

You can vary the wall thickness with the same precision as before.
As you can see, with this tool, you can make house plans with great precision, much better than you need to build.


Special houses

From time to time, I like to present houses that are a bit unusual, either because they have been renovated a little bit, or because a somewhat original architect has decided to make creation, or because nature has changed it.
First of all, here is a renovation. Usually, the one who renovates a house tries to put a little color on the walls and ceilings. here he decided to paint everything in black. I must say that the result is interesting:


Anders Ruhwald converts abandoned Detroit building into all-black installation

In this second project, it is marriage (you will understand why I use the word marriage) between tiny houses and chapels or small churches. It is not very expensive, quickly made and, let’s say it, very ugly:


S-AR builds tiny concrete chapel La Providencia in Mexico

And in this third project, we take a basic unit, the container, we put several on each other in an unordered way, we throw a big pot of pink paint on the whole, we put a little light, there you go:


Dixon Jones designs sculptural shipping-container building for Edinburgh

How to create floor plans

I know, you’re going to tell me that this is not the first time you want to describe how to create floor plans or apartment plans.
But that’s not what I want to do. I talked about creativity.
In fact, when you create floor floor plans, you often make square or rectangular pieces. For a simple reason: furniture is often square or rectangular.
Well, I tell you very frankly: this world is over and the future world is already here.

How to create floor plans 1
How to create floor plans 1

Why this statement? You seem to forget that technology is making progress every day.
When a craftsman in his workshop made a motor vehicle with wheels, and that vehicle managed to advance a few meters, who could have imagined at the time that we would have today millions of cars in the world, and highways, peripherals, traffic lights and tickets?

How to create floor plans 2
How to create floor plans 2
What is the major innovation?

This major innovation is 3D printing. In the future, we will make houses with all possible forms because there are already machines that can make houses in 3D printing. And we can make furniture that fits perfectly in these houses because, yes, there are 3D prints for furniture. These machines already exist. It only misses their diffusion in very large numbers.

How to prepare for this event? Use the online archiplain software, and practice doing some very original house plans. For example, a house that looks like a flower seen from the sky, each petal being a room, or a house that looks like a rabbit (a room for each ear, and the garage in the legs).