Draw a floor plan

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First of all, if you want to draw a floor plan, it’s because you have at least two floors in your plan … Otherwise, you have to draw a house plan or an apartment plan…

First thing to do: take the exact measurements of your floor. You have laser systems that are very accurate and inexpensive and that allow you to measure the length, width, and area of each room.

Then, do not forget to measure all the small surfaces like:

  • The passage from one room to another
  • The cupboards
  • The passages of windows
  • The spaces under the stairs

All these measures will be useful for you to draw the plan of your floor.

At this point, you need efficient and accurate software to draw the floor plan. Of course, we prefer the software archiplain that allows you to do all this. Advantage of this software: it calculates in metric system or English customary measures. And he is very precise. Last point: it is free and can be used very quickly. But of course, you can use any other system to draw your plan.

Finally, keep copies of each of your plans. You know, it’s often said that your house is perfect from the third building. It’s the same for house plans: you have to make multiple copies to get the best plan. And sometimes it’s not the last plan that’s the best.

And now, start your floor plans and indulge yourself!

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How to become the best home designer

Real estate and property news, just for you!

The absolute dream: to become the equal of the greatest architects of this world, like Herzog & de Meuron, Jean Nouvel, Frank Gehry, Rem Koolhaas or Zaha Hadid.

But these people have often done great studies, which are very expensive, and have a very important relationship network. And yet, you have ideas, a house or an apartment that you want to transform, and not a lot of money.

Our advice is to start with a small free software like archiplain, to make as many plans for your project, to walk in your city looking at the sky: we often see beautiful buildings looking over the ground floor.

And you have to let creativity take hold of you. For example, do not hesitate to walk in the morning when the sun rises. Or in the evening at nightfall. And of course in the middle of the night, either during the full moon or a moonless night ; like the painter Claude Monet who represented the same landscape at different times of the day.

Last Tips:

  • Have friends invite you to watch their house
  • Visit homes with real estate agents
  • Visit museums that have been inhabited by artists, like the Zadkine museum in Paris.

Good design of your house!



Water tower

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Today, it is fashionable to renovate old industrial buildings. We can sometimes buy for very cheap very large buildings that have been used for the automotive industry, mining buildings, or buildings used during the gold rush in the United States. But we rarely think of water towers. And yet, there are many in the world, and some are no longer useful. Here are some examples of water towers.

Concrete water tower, Belgium

Okay, he’s not very handsome. But it was planned for a reconversion in the event that it would no longer serve.

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To make a house plan : Click here!

Old water tower, Ireland

Here, reading the article, you will find several examples of what can be found in Ireland. PAs very beautiful in general, but with a little imagination, you can do something beautiful. And the outer form is very special. This suits fans of originality.

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Modern water tower, Spain

What do architects imagine for the future? An example here of a water castle a little metallic, with strange shapes. Not sure that this project is becoming widespread.

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To make a house plan : Click here!

You want to buy an old water tower to make a home? Start by taking measurements of this building and make a plan with archiplain. Plan to pierce the building to make windows. Ask first if these openings will not weaken the structure.

Free architect plan

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Would it tell you to live in a house or apartment a bit strange, maybe even scary? We offer several examples of places of life if you are not afraid of anything …

A broken or crumpled building

You arrive in an area of your city, and your real estate agent tells you: this is the building in which your apartment is located. And you answer him: are you kidding or what? This building is not finished. One could even say that this building suffered a tornado. Well no. This is a very serious project for University of Technology Sydney, Australia.

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A badly done building

Your favorite realtor then offers you another building, telling you that it has clearly geometric shapes. Reassured, you follow it (you fly every time because it is a bit far …) and you discover this new building. And there, you say to him: OK, this one has geometrical forms, but the architect had to be mistaken, because the floors slipped. A little more, and everything will fall to the ground.

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Decayed building

Your real estate agent is a little upset. He says to you: you are a difficult customer, nothing that I propose to you is appropriate for you. But I have one last proposal to make you: a building that will satisfy you completely. It is perfectly geometric, the floors are aligned one above the other and, moreover, It is ecological. Intrigued, I go with this realtor (I still take the plane, it all costs a bit expensive). And I discover this building which contains quantities of trees and plants. And I tell this person: how can you offer me an apartment in a building that has returned to the wild.

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To make a house plan : Click here!

You know what: I have never seen this real estate agent again! The continuation of this story in a next page of this blog…

How to draw a free industrial building plan

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The 19th century industrial revolution that continued in the 20th century favored the emergence of many industrial buildings. For example, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France, was erected at the 1889 World Exhibition in Paris, but it was created to celebrate French technical know-how. Beyond this particular example, we can mention:

  1. Large plaster manufacturing plants
  2. Buildings of the automotive industry
  3. Sheds for the manufacture of aircraft, such as those of Boeing or Airbus
  4. The oil industry with its oil platforms and derricks
  5. Silos for grain preservation
  6. The buildings of the mining industry
  7. Large manufacturing units in the food industry
  8. Manufacturing structures for alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages, carbonated or not
  9. Buildings in supermarkets
  10. Brickyards

This list is necessarily incomplete.

Many rooms for industrial building

Of these, industries have been abandoned, leaving empty of many buildings, for example:

  • Many small brickyards
  • Windmills or water mills
  • Industrial buildings used for tanning in Europe

This is an opportunity to buy these industrial buildings, often for a modest price, and renovate them. For this, you need a free, efficient industrial building plan editor. You can use the archiplain tool that should match your expectations.

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