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Architecture plans

Many people would like to get architecture plans. Why ?
When you want to build a house, you have to go to a builder or a real estate developer. Each company has its own list of architecture plans.
So you have to go from one company to another to find the one that best fits your personal style. For example, you can choose between:

  • House with wooden structure
  • Concrete house
  • Tiny house
  • Loft style house
  • Organic house made of mud, straw and mud

But you can also if you have the budget make houses that look like castles, mills, bunkers, and everything you can imagine.
But you will not always find the company that can make you the house of your dreams.

Which method?

One of the methods to get this house is to buy house plans already made. It costs a little money, but it is possible. But if you want to do something really special that does not exist, you can ask an architect to make a plan. Be careful, having a made-to-measure house plan can be quite expensive.

The best method

A much simpler method is to make a house plan with online software. In most cases, you can make some plans for free. If you want to go further, for example:

  • Make many house plans
  • Edit these plans in pdf

You can take a subscription that is often cheap, much cheaper in any case than the rate charged by an architect.
Advantage: you can make all the changes you want without thinking about the price it costs.
And if you want to take an architect, it will cost you less because you can offer him directly the plan you have done and want it to improve.
Ready for the project of your house plan? So, draw plan.


How to draw a floor plan

It is simple and at the same time it is not easy. You could say that you have to take architecture lessons. Indeed, we can do it. But it is not at all necessary. We are going to show you here how to draw a floor plan.

If you want to build a small wall around your house, do you have to study for several years to be a mason? Do you want to make a small flower garden, do you have to study to be a landscaper? Then, if you want to repair your sink, should you study to be a plumber?

How to draw a floor plan 1
How to draw a floor plan 1

To all these questions, the answer is obviously no.

Using a online floor plan software

In fact, to draw a floor plan, it is not very difficult. If you use the online house plan software on this website, you will see that in just a few minutes you will have made your first house plan. And there will be all that is needed to make this plan:

  • Walls
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Furniture
Additional specifications

You can indicate the name of each room, give them the color you want, indicate the measures, and many other things.

How to draw a floor plan 2
How to draw a floor plan 2

Of course, if you want to build a much larger building, such as a school, a nursery, an administrative building, an industrial building, then you will have to respect many standards because it is necessary to respect the rules, in particular of safety. But even in this case, you will need to make several plans before entrusting the project to an architect who will ask you for more money if you leave the project from the beginning without plan.


Draw floor plans

Real estate and property news, just for you!

The question is: Is it possible to draw house plans without being an architect?
I’m sorry, but the question is badly asked (I know, it’s me who asked this question …).
In reality, it depends on the use you want to make of these plans.

Draw floor plan 1

If you want to make a house plan to give to workers who will build a bridge, or a building, or a dam, we can say that it is a little risky. This is not risky because of the plan that would be poorly done, because the house software is quite well done (you can test archiplain, very good product …). But it’s mostly a question of responsibility. If the workers hurt their work, if you have badly integrated some parts of the plan, the consequence can be disastrous.

Draw floor plan 2

On the other hand, if you want to make a house plan for yourself, to practice rooms, bathroom, dining room and all the furniture that is in these rooms, this kind of tool is very practical .

You have to choose a software tool that allows you to save plans. Like this, you can spend a few moments on a plan, then save it, and finally resume this plan later to complete it.
Let’s not forget the interest of putting colors in these plans. Architect’s plans are often black on a white background. The pieces in color are much more pleasant. we can put for example:

  • Blue in rooms like the bathroom and the toilet.
  • Warm red in the living rooms such as the dining room and the living room
  • Pastel yellow in the rooms

Take pleasure in making these plans, and if you make plans with lots of color, send them to the editor and we will be happy to publish them.




Free architect plan

Real estate and property news, just for you!

Would it tell you to live in a house or apartment a bit strange, maybe even scary? We offer several examples of places of life if you are not afraid of anything …

A broken or crumpled building

You arrive in an area of your city, and your real estate agent tells you: this is the building in which your apartment is located. And you answer him: are you kidding or what? This building is not finished. One could even say that this building suffered a tornado. Well no. This is a very serious project for University of Technology Sydney, Australia.

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A badly done building

Your favorite realtor then offers you another building, telling you that it has clearly geometric shapes. Reassured, you follow it (you fly every time because it is a bit far …) and you discover this new building. And there, you say to him: OK, this one has geometrical forms, but the architect had to be mistaken, because the floors slipped. A little more, and everything will fall to the ground.

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Decayed building

Your real estate agent is a little upset. He says to you: you are a difficult customer, nothing that I propose to you is appropriate for you. But I have one last proposal to make you: a building that will satisfy you completely. It is perfectly geometric, the floors are aligned one above the other and, moreover, It is ecological. Intrigued, I go with this realtor (I still take the plane, it all costs a bit expensive). And I discover this building which contains quantities of trees and plants. And I tell this person: how can you offer me an apartment in a building that has returned to the wild.

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You know what: I have never seen this real estate agent again! The continuation of this story in a next page of this blog…

Box plan

Real estate and property news, just for you!

Box plan

Architects have an java-scripting imagination. Give them some wood, paper, or concrete, and they will design an original dwelling that no one has seen yet.
This is still the case here. Containers that contain goods and are transported around the world on boats are quite ugly. No one would imagine making it a dwelling. Nobody, except the Chinese …
By rethinking the containers and creating openings, they managed to make a rather aesthetic dwelling. Of course, accessories are also important but the result is worth it.
The article does not say how much the land cost …

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Architect plan

Real estate and property news, just for you!

Architect plan

Is a cobbler capable of having good shoes? Does a baker eat good bread at home? It’s the same for architects and designers. Are they able to have a nice home? In this article you will see 10 houses designed by architects and designers for themselves. Of course, this is not an objective choice. But we can say that the result is equal to the talent of these people.

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How to design a house plan yourself

It’s simple, take a paper and a pencil and design a house plan yourself! No, I joke, although we know it is not easy and architects are expensive. There is the solution software online, but there are many, and sometimes it’s longer understand these softwares to draw. Good advice, use the software online https://archiplain.com/makeyourplan and let me know. For those who have used it, two words come: easy to use and accurate.

I want a free house plan software

What you are going to tell me? There is a lot of house plan software, but I want a free house plan software. Because I do not know if I’m going to like it, and I do not want to pay for something I’m not going to use.

So, I agree with you, I’m doing the same thing as you.
When I search for software (software that is made by other computer scientists: you understand, I do not make all my software), I’m always looking for software that has a free part.

Looking for a house plan software, I would look for a free house plan sotfware. I will also search for a free house plan online, and even a free house plan download, and if possible with free house plan pdf files. If I lived in South Africa, I will explore for a free house plan for South Africa. Living in the United States, I will see for a free house plan for USA.

What can I use?

Then, you can use the online archiplain software. It will allow you to make several free house plans or several free apartment plans. You’ll see, it’s so easy that you can use it without any training.

Finally, you can use this free house plan editor to make free apartment plans, that’s possible too. Now, design a house plan yourself!

And it’s also possible to use this house plan editor to make free windmill plans, free castle plans, free garage plans, and even free pool plans!

How to design a house plan yourself
How to design a house plan yourself

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And in addition: