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Would it tell you to live in a house or apartment a bit strange, maybe even scary? We offer several examples of places of life if you are not afraid of anything …

A broken or crumpled building

You arrive in an area of your city, and your real estate agent tells you: this is the building in which your apartment is located. And you answer him: are you kidding or what? This building is not finished. One could even say that this building suffered a tornado. Well no. This is a very serious project for University of Technology Sydney, Australia.

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A badly done building

Your favorite realtor then offers you another building, telling you that it has clearly geometric shapes. Reassured, you follow it (you fly every time because it is a bit far …) and you discover this new building. And there, you say to him: OK, this one has geometrical forms, but the architect had to be mistaken, because the floors slipped. A little more, and everything will fall to the ground.

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Decayed building

Your real estate agent is a little upset. He says to you: you are a difficult customer, nothing that I propose to you is appropriate for you. But I have one last proposal to make you: a building that will satisfy you completely. It is perfectly geometric, the floors are aligned one above the other and, moreover, It is ecological. Intrigued, I go with this realtor (I still take the plane, it all costs a bit expensive). And I discover this building which contains quantities of trees and plants. And I tell this person: how can you offer me an apartment in a building that has returned to the wild.

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You know what: I have never seen this real estate agent again! The continuation of this story in a next page of this blog…

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