Property hunter, a profession for the future

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Finding an ideal house, negotiating the price, negotiating a loan with one bank or another, often represents an insurmountable barrier for a certain number of people. This can lead to people never buying a property. The best is to find a property hunter.

There is, however, a fairly practical solution.

When you buy a house through a real estate agency, you have to pay agency fees, which is normal. This allows the real estate agent to incur costs to sell this house: advertising, advertisements on specialized sites, numerous visits, work with the notary. But we know less that by paying the same fees, we can ask the real estate agent to look for this house for us.

There are many advantages to this:

  • The real estate agent can help you define the best criteria for the property you want to buy.
  • The real estate agent can look for properties that are not necessarily for sale. Indeed, it happens that the visit of a property by an agent can trigger the owner to want to sell the property.
  • The real estate agent can save you from the classic pitfalls (noisy place, poor workmanship, …).
  • Search for a property when you don’t live in the country
  • Experience and market knowledge make the real estate agent much more efficient than the buyer himself
  • The real estate agent knows how to negotiate better
  • The buyer saves a lot of time by visiting only the properties negotiated by the real estate agent

This relatively unknown activity of property hunter should develop greatly because it has many advantages. We may even be surprised that so few people use this way of having a property. Indeed, one can visit goods oneself and in parallel, call upon the services of a property hunter.


How to properly write a real estate ad?

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More and more people are looking for real estate listings on the Internet. And the question is: how to properly write a real estate ad? First because it’s easier than looking for real estate agencies in town. On the other hand, you can select the property you want based on many criteria. Finally, this avoids at first the excessive pressure from the real estate agent who absolutely wants to sell you the house he has in mandate.

As a result, it is therefore advisable to write your real estate ad as best as possible so that it can be located in the midst of thousands of other ads. So, how to properly write a real estate ad?

Things people are looking for first

What are the things people are looking for first? For you, we have selected a few criteria that will allow you to stand out from other ads:

  • Put pictures. If possible, hire a photographer.
  • Create a YouTube channel with videos of your home and a link in your ad
  • Give as much detail as possible to the description of your property. Search engines are based on keywords. I know a person who searches for objects on ad sites, who buys them, and who resells them more expensive on the same sites by making a much more detailed ad.
  • Place your advertisement on the most sites of announcements of real estate sales, free and paying. Attention, always put the same sale price on these ads. As a result, people compare sites and don’t understand when there are price variations.
  • Update your ad regularly. In other words, real estate sites often top the most recent listings.
  • Apply your advertisement on traditional supports: local newspaper, advertisement in supermarket, in your school, work.
  • Offer the fairest price corresponding to the real estate market in your neighborhood. Too low a price and you will lose money. A price too high and you will have to lower the price later, which worries potential buyers.

If you follow these tips, you should have more opportunities to sell your property.

And the future

In conclusion, we will update this post regularly to give you more and more sales advice. Therefore, don’t hesitate to bookmark this page in your browser, Firefox, Chrome or Hedge.


Sell your property in real estate agency or not?

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Sell your property by real estate agents, good question, difficult answer.

If the question had been asked in 2000, the answer was simple: of course, in an agency. But since then there has been the Internet revolution, and things are much more complicated.


According to statistics in 2018 (National Association of Realtors), sales are made via:

  1. Internet: 50%
  2. Real estate agent: 28%
  3. Yard sign / open house sign: 7%
  4. Friend, relative or neighbor: 7%
  5. Home builder or their agent: 5%
  6. Directly from sellers / Knew the sellers: 2%
  7. Print newspaper advertisement: 1%

This means that 50% of Internet sales did not exist before 2000. Note that Internet sales only represent 50%, while this value is certainly higher. Indeed, one can think that the real estate agents practically all have an Internet site which offer the goods for sale. Internet sales are therefore probably closer to 80%.

Sell your property

Note that the Print newspaper advertisements are very low, 1%. This is undoubtedly due to the very large presence of real estate agencies on this type of media, which scares away individuals who would like to sell their property.

Finally, the statistical analysis does not say the crossed percentages. Indeed, we rarely watch the same ad in a single media.

Sales by real estate agents

Let’s look specifically at sales by real estate agents. First, they communicate about goods for sale in different ways: advertisements in newspapers, in the Internet media, posters in front of the agency.
On the Internet, they are in competition with other agencies that offer the same property for sale (beware of the different prices for the same property, that is not serious). In the newspapers, we know that few sales take place. Finally, the poster in front of the agency is much more important than we think.

Let’s take the problem differently, say for the buyer. Do you think a buyer decides to buy a property solely for financial or aesthetic reasons? It’s wrong. Sell your property can be a dilemma.

House and surroudings

In reality, the buyer is buying a house and its surroundings. In a significant number of cases, the buyer will want to buy a house that is close to shops, close to the bus stop or the highway to go to work, close to his children’s school. He will therefore choose a house preferably in a certain environment. If he chooses a city that suits him, he will look on the Internet for ads that correspond to this city (which is not always indicated precisely in the ads) then he will go to that city to look for ads in real estate agencies.

For a few years, real estate agencies thought that shops in town were doomed: overpriced rents, the need for frequent human presence in the agency. Internet networks without shops have developed much more. We are now witnessing an upsurge in the attraction of shops in town for much more human relationships and professionalism.


Trends in architecture

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For many years now, we have seen architectural trends emerge. This can explain by the increasingly important urbanization, the disaffection of large industrial sites and the need of people to live in original spaces.

We will present some trends that we find frequently:

Home automation and smart home

More and more people are using home automation to make their homes more comfortable. We can cite the systems that allow to open the shutters, to put heating, lights, and many others.

More and more people are trying to buy old industrial buildings or have housing built by imitating these buildings. There are inexpensive materials like iron or wood.

Open spaces

The trend is to remove the partitions to enlarge the space. We will even find spaces without any partitions, except a very small one for the bathroom.

Kitchen and bathroom

The first becomes a real reception hall in which you receive your friends, the second wants to look more and more like the Roman baths with their size and their different temperatures.

We no longer want houses that have a very high energy loss due to poorly insulated windows or poorly constructed roofs. We want houses that do not lose heat and if possible produce energy with solar panels and wind turbines.

These trends are deep and reflect the state of mind of people who want to act on their environment while keeping a certain comfort.
We will come back later in this post to tell you about other trends that may emerge in the future.