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Trends in architecture

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For many years now, we have seen architectural trends emerge. This can explain by the increasingly important urbanization, the disaffection of large industrial sites and the need of people to live in original spaces.

We will present some trends that we find frequently:

Home automation and smart home

More and more people are using home automation to make their homes more comfortable. We can cite the systems that allow to open the shutters, to put heating, lights, and many others.

Home automation and smart home
Industrial style

More and more people are trying to buy old industrial buildings or have housing built by imitating these buildings. There are inexpensive materials like iron or wood.

Industrial style
Open spaces

The trend is to remove the partitions to enlarge the space. We will even find spaces without any partitions, except a very small one for the bathroom.

Open spaces
Kitchen and bathroom

The first becomes a real reception hall in which you receive your friends, the second wants to look more and more like the Roman baths with their size and their different temperatures.

Kitchen and bathroom
Positive energy house

We no longer want houses that have a very high energy loss due to poorly insulated windows or poorly constructed roofs. We want houses that do not lose heat and if possible produce energy with solar panels and wind turbines.

Positive energy house

These trends are deep and reflect the state of mind of people who want to act on their environment while keeping a certain comfort.
We will come back later in this post to tell you about other trends that may emerge in the future.


Open space or not?

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Open space started in the 50s in the United States and in the 80s in Europe. The concept is to offer workers large trays of open work. The idea is to allow exchanges between employees and not to leave people alone in their office. To be a little more precise, we can also suspect that it prevents workers from doing nothing during their working hours …

What are the benefits for the company?

  • Cohesion between people
  • Reduce the area needed to accommodate the same number of people
  • Modularity of spacing

But if these benefits to the business are so interesting, why some are critical. Let’s go through all this:

  • Permanent contact between the employees and the line manager
  • Feeling of being watched which leads to stress
  • Too noisy which prevents some from focusing

How to have an open space in your company while allowing its employees to work in good conditions? Let’s explore some solutions:

  • Install a break room for breaks to leave the noisy space
  • Make a meeting room outside the open space
  • Define rules of living in common
  • Add touches of nature like plants that give a pleasant appearance and allow to filter the noises

Finally, open space provides an indisputable advantage to companies but it must be done to respect the good quality of work otherwise the economy on one side will be lost by the poor efficiency of workers.


Plants inside and out

Modern castle or ancient castle, that’s the question

How to draw a modern castle plan

Shoe plant

Air-cleaning plants


A modern house in the desert

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In Southern Arizona, you will find this building north of the border between the United States and Mexico. This house consists of a mixture of volcanic rock of red earth color. You can access the house by metal doors that once opened, allow to see a central hallway giving access to open spaces.

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