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Free floor plan

It is very easy to use archiplain to make free floor plan. You can use already existing drafts or drawings already made by architects. You do not need to install software on your computer because everything is online. Beginners or experienced, this is for you because our editor is simple and very precise. Important, no IT or design experience is required. Once the web page is open, you can start your plan right away. You can add rooms, walls, doors, windows and staircases. Wall thickness can be changed to better match the materials you will be using. The color of each piece can also be changed. Thus, it is possible to color the water rooms like the bathroom and the kitchen in blue or the bedrooms in red.

Free Floor plan
Free floor plan
Library of items

When you have made your plan, you can add items to furnish and decorate. Our library contains many objects that you can install in your free floor plan thanks to our drag & drop interface.

Furniture for each room

You can install furniture such as office, room, kitchen, dining room, bathroom and living room furniture.

Examples of furniture
Examples of furniture
Outdoor objects

Then, you install outdoor objects such as those of garages, trees, plants, or swimming pools.

Examples of outdoor objects
Examples of outdoor objects
Heater and symbols

In addition, you install heaters and many symbols such as electricity, safety and compass.

Examples of heater and symbols
Examples of heater and symbols

Additional tools

Finally, you have many tools that allow you to perfect your plan.

You can make up to 3 plans for free. But if you want one or two more plans for free, surprise, it may be possible … with our Free plan.

Free plan
Free plan

If you need to go further, and use archiplain to do a lot more free floor plan, then a not too expensive premium version exists. With it, you can make quotes and rangefinder, HD pictures, PDF to scale and print and DXF export.

Premium plan
Premium plan

How to draw a floor plan

It is simple and at the same time it is not easy. You could say that you have to take architecture lessons. Indeed, we can do it. But it is not at all necessary. We are going to show you here how to draw a floor plan.

If you want to build a small wall around your house, do you have to study for several years to be a mason? Do you want to make a small flower garden, do you have to study to be a landscaper? Then, if you want to repair your sink, should you study to be a plumber?

How to draw a floor plan 1
How to draw a floor plan 1

To all these questions, the answer is obviously no.

Using a online floor plan software

In fact, to draw a floor plan, it is not very difficult. If you use the online house plan software on this website, you will see that in just a few minutes you will have made your first house plan. And there will be all that is needed to make this plan:

  • Walls
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Furniture
Additional specifications

You can indicate the name of each room, give them the color you want, indicate the measures, and many other things.

How to draw a floor plan 2
How to draw a floor plan 2

Of course, if you want to build a much larger building, such as a school, a nursery, an administrative building, an industrial building, then you will have to respect many standards because it is necessary to respect the rules, in particular of safety. But even in this case, you will need to make several plans before entrusting the project to an architect who will ask you for more money if you leave the project from the beginning without plan.


Draw a floor plan

Real estate and property news, just for you!

First of all, if you want to draw a floor plan, it’s because you have at least two floors in your plan … Otherwise, you have to draw a house plan or an apartment plan…

First thing to do: take the exact measurements of your floor. You have laser systems that are very accurate and inexpensive and that allow you to measure the length, width, and area of each room.

Then, do not forget to measure all the small surfaces like:

  • The passage from one room to another
  • The cupboards
  • The passages of windows
  • The spaces under the stairs

All these measures will be useful for you to draw the plan of your floor.

At this point, you need efficient and accurate software to draw the floor plan. Of course, we prefer the software archiplain that allows you to do all this. Advantage of this software: it calculates in metric system or English customary measures. And he is very precise. Last point: it is free and can be used very quickly. But of course, you can use any other system to draw your plan.

Finally, keep copies of each of your plans. You know, it’s often said that your house is perfect from the third building. It’s the same for house plans: you have to make multiple copies to get the best plan. And sometimes it’s not the last plan that’s the best.

And now, start your floor plans and indulge yourself!

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