How to trace a house plan

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Very simple. You take:

  • a sheet of paper
  • a pencil
  • a good pencil sharpener
  • an eraser
  • patience
  • a coffee for those who need it
  • a tea or a drink for the others
  • or nothing
  • or a cake
  • a piece of sugar
  • a desk
  • a desk lamp
  • a chair
  • ah, yes, I forgot, a graduated scale
  • and then silence, a lot of silence

Then you start drawing your house plan. And you are wrong, you erase, you start again. And you get angry, you throw your drafts out the window. And you call for help.

I have a lot simpler to propose to you. Take a free house plan software. As archiplain for example. And a few minutes later, you have your first house plan. You are not satisfied? Repeat this plan and modify it as you wish.

How to trace a house plan

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