Old cafes, a renovation idea?

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Draw Plan

In Europe, many cafes are in danger of disappearing. For a long time, these cafes were a place where people gathered, either after mass on Sunday, after work before going home, or in the morning before going to work. Some only had a small coffee, others had a glass of wine. And it must be said, many elderly or isolated benefited to have a social link with the people of the village.

First of all, a charming Italian style cafe. Everything has been thought of, including the shelf on the side with a little groceries, the counter, the posters with the menus. Notice the small shelf in the corner of the counter.

In Europe, we like to keep certain traditions. This is the case in Sweden, in Stockholm. The spirit of the Old has been preserved even though everything seems new. When we look at the window, we want one thing, enter the shop to enjoy a good coffee or drink a small glass of wine (French of course, but I accept California wine).

Now a restaurant in Hong Kong that also bar. Look at the counter and the shelves above filled with boxes, the tables tidy with the lights above.


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