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How to draw an open floor plan with Google

Draw Plan

The real question is: how do I know who is interested in the house floor plan in the United States?
By doing research on Google trends, and stating the words floor plan, we see that the 5 cities that are most interested in these keywords are:

  • Austin
  • Boston
  • New York
  • Washington
  • Jacksonville
Open floor plan 1

Interestingly, the most popular 5 related queries are:

  1. House floor plan
  2. Floor plan
  3. Open floor plan
  4. Bedroom plan
  5. Floor plan design
Open floor plan 2

Related queries 1, 2 and 5 are logical and directly dependent on the related query floor plan. More intriguing, the related query 4 focuses specifically on bedroom. Maybe that means that people are more interested in Bedroom, which is perhaps the most interesting room for them.

Finally, the related query 3 is surprising: open floor plan. Why are people interested in this?

By searching on Google with this expression, we find explanations: it is open spaces. This means that many people are looking to make open space plans. And finally, it makes sense. When you want to buy a big apartment and you want to break walls to make an open space, it is essential to make a plan of the apartment beforehand to avoid doing irremediable things.


How to design a house floor plan

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Draw Plan

How to design a house floor plan

Take a free software. Take the user guide, a 350 page book, and begin your work! How many people have begun to use software, and eventually angry because nothing goes as planned. The drawing disappears, the wall does not go where you want it, the window is too big … with https://archiplain.com/makeyourplan, none of that. The drawings are easy to make, no need instruction, and measures are of a precision rarely seen. Try this software, it does not commit you to anything and you can take your first shots.


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