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Home building designs have become increasingly important. The architects’ efforts to find a solution to the difficulties of our time are there to testify.

Take climate change as an example. Many experts predict that the climate will change, that the melting of glaciers will raise the level of the seas and oceans, and that storms and hurricanes will become more and more powerful resulting in larger rain events. A British project plans to build floating houses to overcome this difficulty:

A second project plans to build a simple structure including a canoe and kayaks, with a container containing all the material. The whole is raised so as not to be damaged by the soil and the water:

Finally, a modular housing system makes it possible to store equipment to allow people to live, like refugees. This system was initially planned to find a housing solution in the event of an earthquake but it could quite be adapted in case of global warming:

Want to create your own surviving housing system in case of climate or other problem? So, start by making a plan on an online software like archiplain, then build a propotype that you install in your garden. And finally, take a week of vacation and vice versa to perfect autonomy in your home. Last point: write down all the problems you encounter, they will help you improve your home.


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