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School plan

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What does it take to make a good school plan?

Of course, it is not as simple as a house or apartment plan.

When a house plan is made, it is necessary to think of the plan of the rooms, the kitchen, the bathroom, the toilets, the dining room, the living room. But for a school, it’s more complicated. Normally, there are no rooms. But there are:

  • Classrooms
  • Special rooms like the library
  • Digital rooms
  • Toilets that are for several people
  • Self-service

There is usually a schoolyard to allow children to play.

If you use house plan software as an archiplain, you can do it all in one plan. Indeed, the system can make it possible to position all the rooms, the courtyard and the rest in a single plane. This is very handy if you want to make changes such as a room change, or a merger between two rooms, or a building extension.

You can put a lot of tables and chairs in each class. You can also put plants to make it more pleasant.

Plant 1
Plant 2

And even smarter, we can negotiate with the owner of the archiplain school plan publisher (it’s me so …) a contract to open a lot of account on archiplain and make all the plans that we want . Imagine that you want to improve the school. You are proposing a workshop for an entire class of school, maybe 20 or 30 students, whose objective will be to propose the most interesting school plan. Exciting, no?



How to design a home plan pdf ?

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How to design a home plan pdf ?

It is very simple. All you need is a good software to trace the outline of your home. Living room, dining room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, nothing should be missed. You must then fill the inside of the house with furniture, beds, armchairs, sofas. Then you can decorate with plants and flowers. Finally, you can bring this plan in pdf format having simply provide a valid email.


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To make a house plan : Click here !

How to make a good house plan?

Real estate and property news, just for you!

How to make a good house plan?

You need to take the measures of your future home, anticipate bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen, living room, dining room, guest room, furniture and decorative elements that you want. Allow room for elements that impinge on the surface like closets, fireplace, staircase. Use a good software like https://archiplain.com/makeyourplan. And do not hesitate to repeat several times your plan. Once completed, your home will be more difficult to change!

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