New ideas for kitchens

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New ideas for kitchens

Tired of your kitchen? Three kitchen ideas you can inspire you. For this, you can remove the walls, change the cabinets, shelves, tiles, put bamboo, sisal rugs, tiles, cloth curtains. But the easiest way is to look at these three examples, admire them, and to generate ideas that will be yours. Of the five senses, sight is one that provides 80% of the information stored in the brain. So, to you!

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4 thoughts on “New ideas for kitchens”

  1. I love this kitchen, and the open feel it gives. I especially like the use of white as well, because it gives the space a larger feel due to its brightness. The wood floors also add a nice contrast to the whole area. and it adds such character!

  2. Thanks, this blog has been really helpful in showing me what it’s really like being an interior designer from the inside! I want to be an interior designer in the future, and want to find out more about it. Could you possibly tell me where I could find out more, work experience or different courses? I’d be very grateful. I really liked this, thank you.

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