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How to design the best interior home plan

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So, thanks to 3D printers, we can live in houses with amazing shapes. A few years ago, it was possible to design houses with amazing shapes, but this posed several problems. First, all non-classical forms such as curves, circles, ovals, are possible but are expensive to build because they require a lot of manpower. In addition, they are not compatible with most furniture. With 3D printing, we can build houses with special shapes and it will not be a problem because the furniture will also be built with these 3D prints.
We present here some examples of beautiful buildings with particular forms built with classical methods but which will be more frequent with these new technologies.

First, a beautiful interior design with rounded shapes in an art gallery in South Africa:

Then an insurance company in Australia:

And finally, also in Australia, a house in which we do not know where the walls are, or more exactly we do not know if the house is a wood warehouse or a museum. I pity the person in charge of removing the dust …

Before making your 3D home project, start making your plan with the archiplain software. You will have an idea of the plan of your house in 3D printing.

If you are looking for good interior design websites, you will find a selection here:

The best interior design websites

Walls that transform the interior into exterior

Draw Plan

In Australia, it often happens interesting things. Imagine a cabin with a view of the ocean. Exterior view, this home is simple. But many movable panels such blind turn a wooden cube in a fully open house. This home is perfect for a small family with 645 square feet and includes a bathroom and a kitchen. Wood panels is the same as the floor, highly resistant to weathering. The shutters can be opened completely but may also close, offering good security.

To make a house planĀ : Click here !