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Rent parking for your retirement

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We often think of renting houses or apartments to do business. But we rarely think of renting garages. This is normal because it is often difficult to buy garages without a house or apartment. One way to do this is to rent an entire car park. The area occupied by a parking lot is often not very profitable compared to the occupied area. A building with floors is often the right solution. This is often seen around airports.

We present you a car park which has the advantage of being zero energy. It is so interesting and has the merit of being modern. Although the cost of building such a building is still relatively expensive, profitability can be very interesting:

We can also transform the often ugly facades of car parks into a design decoration:

Finally, what about this beautiful facade that transforms a banal parking into an object that everyone notices:

Do you want to have a car park renovation project? Locate the abandoned car parks, find the owner on the land register, contact him, make an offer, and prepare your free parking plan with archiplain to make a calculation of profitability.

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Parking and garage plan

Real estate and property news, just for you!

Parking and garage plan

This is the end of parking lots and garages as you know them. You do not believe me? Well, look at what architects imagine. The garages and car parks are sometimes full, and sometimes empty. So why not imagine reusing these spaces for other functions. Of course, you have to do some work, but it’s worth it.

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