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How to draw a pigeon loft plan

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In renovation, we can do wonderful things with buildings that are not originally planned for this. For example, we can renovate old industrial buildings, old water mills or windmills. But we rarely think of pigeon lofts.

It must be said that the classic pigeon lofts are rather small and do not allow to make homes. Here are some examples of pigeon lofts:

Modern pigeon loft
Other modern pigeon loft

But there are particular areas where pigeon lofts can be found in very good condition and large enough to be used as dwellings. This is the case of the Tarn in France, a region located northeast of Toulouse, the capital of the aircraft manufacturer Airbus.

Here are some examples of pigeon lofts that can be found in the Tarn countryside:

Old pigeon loft
Other old pigeon loft
Renovated old pigeon loft

Beware: several pigeon lofts are protected by the regulations and can not be modified in place of residence. Inquire at the town hall of the municipality in which these pigeon lofts are located. And of course, if you’ve managed to buy a beautiful pigeon loft, start making your plan with the Archiplain online pigeon loft plan software. Check anyway that you can install a power line and put running water.

How to draw a modern castle plan

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How to draw a modern castle plan?

Would you like to live in a French or Italian castle of the 12th century? First, you have to buy a castle. If you are looking for a property, you can find it for sale for a reasonable fee. I knew one that was worth $ 400,000 for a 10,000 ft2 living space. Not very expensive. But the problem is the renovation, 1 000 000 € in this case. This makes a total price of $ 1400,000. So the easiest way is to build a new castle. But here too, it can be very expensive because the manufacturing techniques have evolved a lot. A tip: build a modern castle that is inspired by ancient castles but has all the modern comforts. If you are interested, start by building a free castle plan using the archiplain software.

Modern castle

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Castle or windmill?

We told you in the article above about the possibility of buying or renovating a castle. But there is another possibility: it is the windmills. We are not talking about water mills that are already largely renovated to make homes. It is true that the windmill is very special for several reasons. First, it is often quite small, sometimes without any window, and last detail is important: it is in a region where there is a lot of wind … There are still advantages: the landscapes are often beautiful, the windmill is aesthetic, and success is assured with your friends.

Do you want to build your free windmill plan or your free watermill plan? So, try out our archiplain online software.

Old windmill

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Rotterdam in the country of modern windmills

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Rotterdam in the country of modern windmills

Rotterdam is a very dynamic city. This can be seen in the new experimental constructions and new buildings. Look at, for example, the plan of the windmill of this gigantic circular structure, or the curiously shaped buildings. There are also many startups in Rotterdam. Do not hesitate to spend a week of holidays, you will not regret it.

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