We can manufacture concrete blocks with a 3D printer!

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We can manufacture concrete blocks with a 3D printer!

3D printing has emerged in recent years, enabling the manufacture of many items, mainly plastic. Recently, we can even make cinder blocks with concrete, very important dimension: 36 feet long, 16 feet wide and 13 feet high. This 3D printer like a crane connected to a concrete mixer and a pump. It soon will in wholesales in record time houses with original shapes.

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One thought on “We can manufacture concrete blocks with a 3D printer!”

  1. I come into following ARCHIPLAIN when searching 3D construction information and like all the recommended building photos extremely.
    Nearly all big enterprises are trudging in 3D construction industry. I feel a little confused while 3D construction present now seems becoming even heavier than any other construction way. Or simply because it is still in embryo stage now.

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