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10 free software of video conference

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We have been predicting the advent of video conference for a long time.
You should know that the transport of employees of companies is quite expensive. You have to pay for the transport itself, often by plane but also by train or rental car for shorter distances. However, you also have to pay for accommodation, catering and travel to the meeting place.

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The video conference is very interesting because it saves all these costs. Obviously, there are often costs associated with this type of software. .

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This is why we offer you a list of 10 free software to allow you to make these video conferences. Please note, in some cases, there is a free version and a paid version as archiplain.

List of free video conference software

Skype – You can make video conferences up to 50 people in free version on smartphones, tablets or PC.

Skype website: CLICK HERE

Whatsapp – Free regardless of the number of users. Usable especially on Smartphone.

Whatsapp website: CLICK HERE

Zoom – The application is free up to 100 people but the duration of the video conference does not last more than 40 minutes.

Zoom website: CLICK HERE

Hangouts meet – This service was to be removed from October 2019 but it is maintained until 2020 and free until July 01, 2020.

Hangouts meet website: CLICK HERE

Google Duo – It should soon replace Hangouts meet. It allows calls to two.

Google Duo website: CLICK HERE

Face time – Video conference application developed by Apple. You can use this service only on Iphone, Ipad and Mac.

Face time website: CLICK HERE

Instagram – This app belongs to facebook.

Instagram website: CLICK HERE

Marco polo – This application is available on the App Store and Google Play.

Marco polo website: CLICK HERE

Anymeeting – Video conference is free for up to 4 people.

Anymeeting website: CLICK HERE

Facebook Messenger – This feature allows you to have a discussion with a group by video.

Facebook Messenger website: CLICK HERE

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INFORMATION: in 2020, a global epidemic, also called a pandemic, occurred. The offending virus is a coronavirus which is called here COVID-19. For all those who are in a confined situation, we ask you to propagate this list of free video conference applications. Video conferencing is a very good way to continue working so as not to jeopardize the global economy while having a protective attitude towards friends and family and colleagues. Once the crisis is over, continue to use these tools because another pandemic is still possible, such as the Spanish flu. This flu raged from January 1918 to December 1920, affected 500 million people and killed tens of millions of people.


Best free open software for windows

How optical fiber changes the behavior of the real estate industry

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How optical fiber changes the behavior of the real estate industry

It is now known that several industries are using fiber optics regularly, such as cloud computing, data storage, social media strategies, video conferencing, to name a few. In this logic, the buildings are connected to the optical fiber have a competitive advantage over others. Choosing office space, companies are becoming increasingly pressing demand for ever more access to fiber, with faster download speeds. We even see in some cases companies that consider the optical fiber as the most important element in the choice of offices. Interestingly, we also see companies that are not directly linked to the Internet make this kind of request, such as finance companies, real estate companies and the medical field.

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