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Christmas toys for future architects

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As the holidays approached, we looked for some original ideas to offer our children. It will then convince Santa Claus to put these gifts in his hood.

First of all, wooden toys to be used by child victims of trauma. In any case, the purpose of these toys. But in reality, all children can handle these toys:

Then we found a child-friendly computer, a collaboration between Microsoft and Kano. And the most interesting is that this computer can be made by children:

Finally, the Danish company Lego has launched bricks for use by blind children:

It is always difficult to find original toys to offer to children who already have everything. But by looking a little, we find …


House plan for houseplants

Real estate and property news, just for you!

House plan for houseplants

A doll house, who did not have this as a gift when he was a kid? Large companies like LEGO or PLAYMOBIL have already marketed all kinds of small houses to build for children. But there remained a universe to conquer, the wooden hut at the bottom of the garden or in a tree. It is now done with these pretty cabins in the apartment plants. Your children will be delighted.

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