Cottage plan

With archiplain, you will be able to make a cottage plan very easily.

What does the word cottage mean?

What is the significance of a cottage? A cottage is a kind of traditional UK country house type architecture. To put it simply, we can say that a cottage is a kind of country house.

It can also be explained that a cottage is an elegant country house with a lot of style and typically English. This cottage may be simple but is reminiscent of the English style in its decoration.

The origin of the word cottage is unmistakably English. However, we find this word in the old Norman in “Manche” and “Orne” which means hut.

In any case, even if we can find Norman or Germanic roots for the word “cottage”, usage wants it to be popularized by the English.

They can be found in all kinds of places, such as next to a mountain lake, by a river or a beach, or just in the countryside.

Make your cottage plan very easily with archiplain!

The first step is to build his cottage by tracing the walls to create rooms. You can create all types of cabin you want, ancient or modern. You can name and choose a color for every room of your cottage to differentiate the bathroom toilet and kitchen lounge for example.

cottage plan
cottage plan

Then place the openings of the various parts. You can choose the direction of opening and add components. There is a catalog of windows and doors available with left or right doors and sliding.
When landscaping your cottage is finished, you can place the furniture in the rooms and the kitchen draw.

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