Beautify your home

Draw Plan

You are at home, sitting comfortably in your chair, and you say that life is beautiful. However, you say to yourself: my house is very beautiful but it lacks a little personality. What can I do to make it more attractive?

We will give you some ideas for beautification.

First of all, you have to do all the little renovations, such as electricity, plumbing, small holes in the walls, water leaks.

Then, here are some suggestions:

  • An original door
  • Joinery with colors
  • A garage door in color
  • Blue shutters pastel type
  • All frames of the same color different from the walls
  • A colored chimney
  • Add stones, or slates, or wood on the walls
  • Put slates on the roof instead of brick tiles (be careful, depending on where you live, there may be obligations)
  • Wooden fences to demarcate vote ground
  • Wooden fences for your vegetable garden
  • Small light terminals
  • Cut trees type “Bonsai”
  • Small jets of water

It’s up to you to test all these suggestions. If you have other proposals, or achievements, do not hesitate to send us your comments / photos.


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