Free house plan or free home plan ?

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It depends on what you are looking for … But in any case, it’s about making the plan of the house of your dreams. But it’s not always easy. First of all, there are many architects who offer you to make your house plan. And it’s often expensive. Imagine that you order a house plan, and that you are not satisfied with the result.

What to do when you have a catastrophic house plan?

Sorry, not much. Unless you have insurance, but it’s unlikely. The problem is that an architect is a kind of technician, not an artist. He knows the rules to make a house plan with all the technical characteristics, but he will rarely make a plan that takes into account everything that makes a good house plan:

  • Will my house be bright enough? That is to say that lets in enough light but not too much when the sun is very intense, and not too much when you watch a TV show or your computer screen.
  • Is my house well oriented when the wind is very strong? The old farms were always oriented so that the prevailing wind was still blowing on the side of my house, where there are no windows or terraces.
  • Will the rain enter my house when I open my window? If the wind is blowing towards you, water can enter the house in large quantities. Later in this blog, we will write an article on nuisances in a house.
Good house plan

All of these reasons, and many others, may make you think that your paid home plan is not the right one.

How to have many free house plans?

First, discuss with your architect to make your free house plan by explaining that there was a misunderstanding between you and him. He will not be happy because he will feel that he has done his job. You can explain to him, if the situation becomes difficult, that the contract you did with him did not mention a certain number of things. Remember that your architect has an obligation to advise.

When it comes to this situation, it is best to work on free house plans, so that you can do as much as possible. You can do it on the online archiplain software, a free house plan editor, but you can of course choose another software. What is important: the ease of use, the reality of free, the accuracy of measurements, the North-South orientation in relation to rain, wind and sun, and the wide choice of options (windows, doors, stairs, furniture, plants, etc …). Do not neglect the outdoor facilities: swimming pool, garage, deck chairs, etc …

Other good house plan

What to do with my free house plans?

You can build your own house by calling on craftsmen. But it’s risky.
If you do not try the experience, you can contact an architect to make an official house plan. And you can negotiate the price because much of the work is already done.

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