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How to make a free pool plan

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First of all, it is necessary to delimit your ground to be sure that your swimming pool can be inside.
Then you have to choose your pool and size. You can do this for inspiration with the models proposed by archiplain:

Rectangular pool:

Square pool:

Round pool:

And why not a spa:

You can add:

Parasol, striped of blue:

Square parasol:

And others.

And to rest, you can install:

Deckchair 1:

Deckchair 2:


And others

You can change the dimensions of each object, and even the pool.

How to find these objects to make your pool? In the Archiplain house plan editor, just click on Exteriors / pool



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The human is complicated. Years ago, the goal of anyone was to have a home with pool. And today, many people have been able to realize this dream. But a dream needs to be unique to have dream status. This is how one can now see urban swimming pools in height, for example on the roofs. Here is a selection of the most beautiful swimming pools in height.

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Different Asian projects

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Different Asian projects

We will discover several interesting projects in Asia. Among these projects, I have a small preference for those who integrate water, such as a pool or small bodies of water. In particular, I appreciate when the pool is above ground, or when it seems to be confused with the sea, or when water, wood and nature seem connected.

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