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Methods to make the mice fly away

Draw Plan

The mice are cute but can cause problems in your home.

They can circulate in the insulation of the walls of your house. As they are rather nocturnal, they make noise and can prevent you from sleeping.

They can also enter your home through a crack in a wall or simply by the electrical ducts and move the electrical outlet.

Once inside the house, their goal is to find food. And they are so agile that they can sneak everywhere, in a closet, in a bedside, or climb on furniture. And here, if you left bread, candy or chocolate, it is the feast assured. Do not think that chocolate packaging will withstand them.
How do you find a way to get rid of them without killing them?

Many solutions :

  • Put cat litter on the mouse passages
  • Put repellent plants like mint, bay leaf or sage
  • Put cloth soaked in repellent plant extract
  • Try ultrasound

In conclusion, the idea is not to eliminate mice, which is almost impossible. But to reduce their number. And do not do like this friend who set traps to catch the living mice. He was releasing them just outside the house …