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How and why to renovate a farm

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It is a widespread practice in Europe to renovate a farm. First, because the farms are solid, often built of stone, well oriented, with a solid frame, and for a reasonable price because they are located in the countryside.  But it is also because it corresponds to a certain quality of life.

Here we present a farm renovation in Spain that reveals beautiful stone walls with a very modern exterior consisting of wooden terraces and a swimming pool:

In this other example, a farm was turned into a hotel in the English countryside:

Finally, old Chinese farms have been transformed into a moutain resort:

Do you want to renovate a farm? First choose an old farmhouse with walls and a solid frame. Then check that you have access to water and electricity. Then make a plan of this farm with the free archiplain farm plan editor. Finally, negotiate with your real estate agent to have the best purchase price because the renovation can be very expensive, often more expensive than the farm itself!

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Hotel plan to convert US Embassy

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Hotel plan to convert US Embassy

Imagine the US Embassy in London. A small piece of American territory in England with all its secrets. And tomorrow, a hotel with 137 rooms. It is the crazy project of an architect. This will also include a spa, a ballroom, restaurants and shops. Look at the project, it’s all very serious.

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