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Mississippi, Arkansas, Alabama, South Carolina and Tennessee are looking for house plan

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We do not always know, but Google’s tools can give good information about construction.

Imagine I want to invest in buying a house. I’m going to get some land to buy to build my house. But most importantly, I will try to make a plan of my future home.

As a result, by searching for example on the search engine of Google, I will look at the proposed suggestions with house plan and I would know what is the most requested with house plan. Of course, he does a private search, otherwise Google will give me information around me.
More interesting, you have to use Google trends.

By pointing to a house plan, we can see that the American states in which this expression is most in demand are: Mississippi, Arkansas, Alabama, South Carolina and Tennessee:

5 states

But doing the same house plan search with cities, Raleigh (North Carolina), Atlanta (Georgia), Washington (Columbia), Plano (Texas) and Austin (Texas) are found:

5 cities

If we cross the information of states and cities, we can think that the most interesting places are in Texas and North and South Carolina.

I think we should build a computer program that predicts what the real estate market will be based on the house plans that are requested by Google users.



Tiny houses in vogue

Real estate and property news, just for you!

Tiny houses in vogue

Solar can even install in a tiny house, with a surface as small as 210 square feet and 6 solar panels. In any case, be guided by these houses with an impeccable finish. They can be found for example in Chetek, WI, Atlanta, GA, and Salem, OR, and many other places.

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