We have an offer for all real estate agents


If you want to access a free house plan editor or free apartment plan editor (in Australia, it looks like free unit plan editor and in England, free flat plan editor), you can login on the page makeyourplan and make your own plans. As we assume you have more than 3 curtomers, you may be interested in doing more than 3 plans. In this case, for a fairly small sum of money (19 €), you have the possibility to make an unlimited number of plans, and to do other things:

  • quotations and rangefinder
  • HD pictures
  • PDf to scale and print
  • DXF export

And that’s where it becomes interesting. Suppose you have a potential customer who is interested in a home you are selling. This client hesitates, asks you many questions, comes back to visit the house. And still no purchase proposal. This is the moment to give the customer that feeling about it.

Often, a customer buys a house because he already sees himself living in the house: my room will be that one, the children will be in these other rooms, the living room is bright, the kitchen is nice, the garden has a beautiful tree under which I can take a coffee (or a tea) in the shade of its foliage.

To help this customer, you have to offer him unlimited access to the archiplain house plan publisher. Thus, this customer will be able to take all the measures of the house and quietly make his plan at home. He will be able to check that all measurements of the house are accurate. He can install in this house all his furniture: chest of drawers, wardrobe, beds, sofa. He can add plants. If he wishes, he can add outside a swimming pool, deckchairs, plants and trees. He will be able to install his car with the right dimensions in the garage. And many other things allowed by the archiplain house plan publisher.


You can also try this plan editor yourself. It’s easy, just sign up and start making plans. We advise you to start by making a plan of house, then a plan of garage and finally to install your garden.


How to make your free house plan?


First, know that your plan can be done on a computer, Apple or tablet

Start your plan on a computer, continue on your tablet and finalize it on a Mac. Everything is simple!


The construction of the house plan is done in several stages. You are the architect of your plan. At first, you draw walls to create each room that are the kitchen, the living room, the bathroom and the rooms. You can also decorate the attic or calculate the surfaces to paint your walls. Then you add the openings that are the doors, the windows and the shutters. You can choose the opening direction of doors and shutters. Finally you can build your home with objects and furniture and make the electrical plan of your installation. When the plan is complete, you can download your plan in PDF format to print it or send it to your friends.


Door, window, stairs, shutters, stairs


You can choose the type of opening as well as the width, the direction of opening and the type of glazing of your doors and windows

Add single or double shutters

Place your customizable stairs: define the width of the steps and the hopper size.


Add furniture and objects


With the object library furnish your house. Add tables, sofas, bathtubs, kitchen items, car, desk, …

Add simple objects: Square, triangle, round, … to simulate the location of furniture or add information to your plan.


Place quotations freely


You are free to place quotes where you want.

The laser range finder helps you take measurements and quickly place quotes.


Tools to help you


Angle of the walls when they are not straight.

Numerous keyboard shortcuts (center a window).

Indication of the distance between the furniture and the walls when you move them.

And many other fascinating things!

Ready tu use it? So, click below:


You could do these house plans for your customers yourself. But you have little time available because you do a lot of things to do like the visits for the customers, the return of mandates, the administrative part of your work. Moreover, it’s useless. Because the customer needs to do things himself to own the house.


What is the solution ? Contact us and negotiate a free access pack for your customers. Whether you have 10, 50 or 100 customers, we will make you the best price which will of course be less than 19 € per customer. With for example a pack of 10 free accesses, which you have paid in advance, you can offer these 10 customers free access. It’s up to you to convert this service offered to your customers into a beautiful home or apartment sale.


But you can also request a pack of 50, 100, 200 or 500 clients. No problem to offer you the most suitable quote.


To do so, ask your customers to register for free on the archipalin. And offer them a paid access that will be free for them.


Contact us via this address: *, ask us for a quote for X customers, and once payment is made, offer this service to your customers


Whenever you want to offer a premium account to a customer, simply ask your customer the email he used to open his freemium account, send us this email with your code and we will open a premium account.

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